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    The Azores is quickly becoming one of the most popular travel destinations worldwide. It’s no surprise. The Azores have a unique combination of stunning landscapes, impressive greenery, and picturesque hikes. They are also home to prominent volcanic activity. Charles from shares his top picks for things to do in Sao Miguel Island, Azores.

    Where are the Azores?

    The Azores, an archipelago of nine islands, is for those who don’t know. The Azores, located in the middle of the Atlantic, approximately 900 miles from the coast of Portugal, is one of the most exotic places on Earth. Each island has its distinct character and cultural identity.

    You will likely spend at least a few hours on Sao Miguel, the Azores’ most significant and populous island. This island is home to more than half of the archipelago’s inhabitants. Sao Miguel is a great place to visit, with its vast craters, natural geothermal springs, charming towns, and delicious cuisine.

    Things to Do on Sao Miguel Island

    These are the ten essential things to do when you visit Sao Miguel Island, Azores, and you’re looking to book a trip there.

    Sete Cidades Viewpoint at Sunset

    The Miradouro da Boca do Inferno is undoubtedly the most iconic viewpoint in the Azores. It overlooks the many lakes and craters at Sete Cidades. You can visit the view during the day, but why not go out at sunset?

    Although you will have to walk the trail for 15 minutes (the path is closed to cars later in the day), it will be well worth the effort. Enjoy the stunning views this island offers.

    The Only Tea Plantation In Europe

    That’s right! You read that right!

    You can walk around Cha Gorreana’s factory, take part in a tasting and learn more about tea making, or wander through the tea fields. You can walk up the hills to see the stunning views from the top, but there is an official trail.

    You can stop at a Miradouro (or 10!)

    You will find Miradouros, or viewpoints, all over Sao Miguel. You will see signs on the roads directing you to stop at a specific spot to enjoy one of the many stunning landscapes.

    There are many options available, including:

    Vista do Rei

    Santa Iria

    Ponta do Sossego

    Pico does Ferro and many more.

    Enjoy Dinner with a View of the Atlantic

    Bar Caloura is a top-rated restaurant in Sao Miguel, approximately 20 minutes east of Ponta Delgada.

    The restaurant has many fish choices, among the best in the Azores. You can enjoy your meal with a great view by choosing a table near the water.

    Enjoy a hot spring to end your day.

    Sao Miguel is blessed with its abundance of natural hot springs. You can relax and soothe your muscles after a long day of hiking and sightseeing. Ponta da Ferraria is a natural hot spring in the ocean.

    Caldeira Velha’s warm waterfall and pools, Furnas where Poca da Dona Beija can be found, and Parque Terra Nostra’s orange pool.

    Take a walk on the Trail at Lagoa do Fogo.

    Many visitors to Lagoa do Fogo visit it to enjoy the stunning view from the top and walk the 30-minute distance down to the beach. It is worth noting that the island has a second hiking trail that can be done. This is the best option.

    You will travel four hours back and forth from Praia do Fogo to Lagoa do Fogo, passing through the forest, farmland, and lush open vegetation before reaching the base of Lagoa do Fogo. This is one hike that you must experience!

    Celebrate at a Festival

    You will find a festival in the Azores. Sao Miguel is well-known for having its fair share. One of these is the PDL White Ocean Festival, which takes place in the summertime as tens of thousands of people travel to Ponta Delgada.

    People will wear white t-shirts and pants everywhere, and bars and music venues will burst with people. This is a different atmosphere from what you might experience on a regular night in the town.

    Eat Cozido, Food cooked on the Ground.

    You will find a few geothermal areas in Furnas that you can explore. You might also see small covered holes scattered throughout these areas. These holes are where local restaurants prepare a local stew called Cozido.

    They cook their food in the Ground and let nature do the rest. This meal can be combined with beef, chicken, pig, and other vegetables. It will be available at many restaurants in the area, so make sure you go to one to try it.

    Wander around the lakes of Sete Cidades.

    Another spectacular hiking trail takes visitors around the crater at Sete Cidades. Walking around the hole and into Sete Cidades, the two lakes Lagoa Azul (blue, the other green), can be seen from all angles. You will find the start of the hike just down the road from Miradouro da Boca do Inferno.

    Relax in Ponta Delgada

    Sao Miguel offers many hiking trails and natural beauty, but it is worth spending some time in Ponta Delgada to relax before or after a long day.

    You will find unique street art, beautiful Portuguese architecture, and cobblestone streets throughout the town. Sitting at a cafe or plaza is a great way to enjoy the surroundings.

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