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  • What excites YOU about BAVARIA?

    Mountains, castles, food, beer…

    You have found THE place for information about Bavaria, Germany. Use this site as your personal tour guide. Find out about travel to and in the “upper” and “lower” regions. Learn about the history and culture. Discover the different attractions, castles, food (including beer of course), and accommodations that are offered in Freistaat Bayern.

    From the Munich Airport to Würzburg and Bamberg to Weilheim-Schongau, there is so much to learn about magnificant Bavaria. Do you like romantic castles and the stories behind them? Just click on my castle link and read away! Maybe you are traveling to Germany, and need info on destinations, attractions or other travel links. Don’t worry, if you get lost just stop back at the home page and you will find what you are looking for.

    So, who am I anyway? My name is Pamela and I love this awe inspiring part of Europe. Ever since my first visit there, I have been singing its praises and trying to convince all my friends and family to go visit. I finally realized that a good way to get my love of it out was to do a website so I could tell everybody about it. More importantly – tell everyone how easy it is to visit. I love learning new things about this German region and if I get one person to visit because of my website, then I am a success!

    What will you find out in the following pages?

    Do you want to learn more about food and dining options? It’s easy-click the German food/dining link. Alright, I know you really want to know about the BEER and Octoberfest! It is all here, and more. Nothing is fun without pictures. If you read the pages on my site and still don’t want to visit, look at the images here and you just might change your mind!

    Use these pages to discover what I love about this alpine filled area of Germany! Figure out what you want to do and see while you’re there, or, write a awesome book report about the “mad” King Ludwig. You might even be looking at moving there or finding a second home or apartment there. Whatever the reason you are interested, and no matter what you want to find out more information about, is sure to be a great Bavarian resource!

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