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  • Travel options from Las Vegas to Antelope Canyon

    Las Vegas has always been known for its lit nightlife, shopping options, fine dining and gambling. No wonder it is internationally renowned for that and has foreigner tourists visit the place all year round. But the little fact that the travellers generally miss is that Las Vegas is near to Antelope Canyon.

    Now, near here doesn’t mean a mile or even a 100 miles near. It’s just that if you have travelled as far as to Vegas, extending your trip by a day for Antelope Canyon will totally be worth it. But then the question here stays.

    ‘How to get to Antelope Canyon from Las Vegas?’

    Well, with all the wide roads and other means of travel, it can’t really be too tough. The highways are smooth and can help you cover distances swiftly. Moving further and being more specific about the travel options from Las Vegas to Antelope Canyon, here you can find all of those.

    Travel options from Las Vegas to Antelope Canyon

    For travelling from Las Vegas to Antelope Canyon you will have two options to choose from. Either you take your car and hit the road or you simply use public transport.

    Whatever you choose though, this article will help you find out how you can commute in both the ways.

    1. If you are going to drive

    The distance on road between Las Vegas and Antelope Canyon is 278 miles, i.e., around 447 kilometres. A drive between the two places will take around 4.5 hours on one side. So, either get friends who can drive in rotations or be prepared to drive your way down for the Antelope Canyon.

    The road route to Antelope Canyon from Las Vegas is as follows.

    • Drive on the I-15 for 127 miles north through Mesquite and St. George, UT to Washington, UT.
    • After that you have to take the Exit 16 to UT-9. This will turn into UT-59 around Hurricane, UT, then AZ-389 near Colorado City, AZ. Then, when you reach Fredonia, AZ, take AZ-89A due North Kanab, UT and stay on the same for approximately 70 miles to Kanab, UT.
    • Now, from Kanab, UT drive on US-89 in East for 75 miles to Page, AZ.
    • When you reach the South of Page, AZ, take US-98 and stay on that for 6 miles due East to the entrance of Antelope Canyon. You can also stop in Page. There you can take a tour from one of 3 outfitters in town.

    Things to keep in mind while you drive to and from Antelope

    Well, Vegas to Antelope and back to Vegas is doable in a day, provided that you start early. Leaving from Vegas at 5 or 6 in the morning will land you in Antelope at around 10:30 am.

    This will give you enough time to have fun and look around the Antelope Canyon. And then if you leave from Antelope back to Vegas at around 3 or 4 in the noon, you will be able to reach at around 8 or 8:30 at the latest.

    This will save you from driving through the forests at night. Not that your driving skills are being doubted (Not really!). It’s just that driving through forests at night can be a bit too dangerous.

    Lighting on the roads can be a problem in such cases. Apart from that the presence of deers and elks on the roads can cause obvious problems. Leaving early for driving will keep you safe from such dangers as by the time it will be really dark, you would have entered the city already.

    Also, if you get late to leave, the best thing you can do is stay in any hotels around the Canyon. You can choose from a range of hotels. Talking about variety, you can find anything from a motel room to a suite in Marriott.

    2. If you are planning to take a tour to the Antelope Canyon

    Driving for around 10-11 hours a day to see the Antelope Canyon might intrigue many people, it’s not something everyone can be up for. The roads are tiring and then driving means paying attention. Basically, hard work is what it is.

    That being the reason, many travellers prefer taking tours to and from between their hotels and the Canyon. If you think you want to do that too, we are mentioning touring packages which you can choose from.

    1. 1 Day TakeTour Excursions Package Includes
    • Pick-up and dropoff at select Las Vegas hotels
    • Round-trip transportation to Page, AZ
    • Drive-by Glen Canyon Dam
    • Lower Antelope Canyon tour
    • Stop at Horseshoe Bend Overlook
    • Tour duration: 14 hours hotel to hotel
    • Mode of transport: Motorcoach
    • Current price: $120 per person + tax and gratuities
    • Optional add-on: Lake Powell air tour
    1. 1-Day Grand Canyon Tours Excursion Includes
    • Hotel Pick up
    • Mesquite, NV breakfast stop
    • Kanab, UT Rest stop
    • Drive over Glen Canyon Dam
    • Lunch in Page AZ
    • Lower Antelope Canyon tour (admission included in price of the tour)
    • Horseshoe Bend
    • Navajo Bridge
    • Comfort stops for meals
    • Hotel drop off
    • Tour duration: 15 hours
    • Mode of transport: 7-passenger van
    • Current price: $149 + tax & gratuities
    1. Viator Private Overnight (2-days/1-night) Tour to Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Lake Powell and Zion National Park Includes
    • Las Vegas Hotel pickup
    • Photo stop at Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell
    • 1.5 hour Navajo guided tour of Antelope Canyon
    • Guided walk to Horseshoe Bend
    • Overnight accommodation in Page, AZ
    • Visit Big Water, UT Dinosaur Center
    • Guided walk in Zion National Park
    • Return transfer to Las Vegas Hotels
    • Private Driver/guide Professional guide
    • All necessary entrance fees
    • Meals per itinerary (B,L)
    • Tour duration: 2 days, 1 night
    • Mode of transportation: varies
    • Current price: $2995 for up to 4 people

    All you need to know before you opt for a touring service to Canyon and back

    Choosing to use a touring service for travelling to Antelope Canyon from Vegas is a good idea. Just that it’s not available 24X7. There are selective days only on which you can use such a service.

    Apart from that there is a minimum number of required passengers who need to be on board. The number in most cases is 4.

    3. Third touring option

    Apart from the driving and touring options mentioned above, there is a third touring option. In September, 2017 Papillon Group, launched the Private Las Vegas Antelope Canyon Air Tour Expedition.

    This will give you a totally planned trip to board and everything will be taken care of by the Papillon Group itself. Another great thing about this option is that it will cover the most in just 12 hours. To know what all is included, keep reading.

    • Round-trip shuttle service from and to your hotel in Las Vegas
    • 90-minute (each way) exclusive fixed-wing plane flight from Boulder City, NV to Page, AZ
    • Stunningly brilliant aerial views of Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Vermillion Cliffs, Glen Canyon, and Horseshoe Bend
    • Walking tour of Lower Antelope Canyon along with a guide
    • 1.2-mile round-trip hike to the Horseshoe Bend overlook
    • Amazing photo opportunities
    • Meal included

    And that was all about the Travel Options from Las Vegas to Antelope Canyon.

    Final words

    Antelope Canyon is a great destination with geographical history traced deep into every inch of the place. There is so much to know about it. For that reason, hiring a guide will be a good idea.

    Also, talking about the Travel options from Las Vegas, those have been mentioned in the sections above. If it was about personal choices, I would always love to drive. As it concerns the readers and their interests, there are both pros and cons to both touring services and self driving.

    Reading this article might help you have some clarity.

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