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  • Fish Smoking

    Fish Smoking is something which every person who enjoys fishing should try. Fish by themselves are nice, but when you start testing different cooking methods and ingredients to use you can come up with some stunning meals. The best thing about Fish Smoking is that it is incredibly cheap to do, and also very good for you. Fish that has been caught and smoked straight away contains a number of vitamins and minerals which are very good for your body; hence why the experts tell us to each more fish! Remember to put your fish in an Ice Chest the moment you catch them, to keep the flesh as fresh as possible.

    I purchased a Fish Smoker a few years ago now, but it only seems to get used when we catch a big feed of fish! It takes a good hour to smoke the fish, depending on how you do it. The result however, is well worth the wait and effort! Today, you can purchase a fish smoker along with a burner and the required wood shavings for under $50. It’s truly a bargain, even if you only use it once a year. Alternatively, you can knock one up out of old tins or sheet metal in your spare time.

    What is a fish smoker?

    A fish smoker is basically a metal oven which is made of thin sheet. A methylated spirits (or other burner) is usually placed underneath the smoker, and then wood shavings are placed on top of the first sheet. Above that is the fish that you want to smoke, on trays. The burner heats up the wood shavings which in turn creates smoke. A lid stops the smoke from exiting and allows the fish to gain a smoked flavor. Fish Smoking also cooks the fish at the same time as the burner heats the whole smoker up like a normal oven would.

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