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  • Driving Tip – School

    Get to school five to ten minutes early and leave five minutes late to avoid the mad dash into and out from the parking lots. Many accidents happen when kids are rushing around.

    If your school lot has perpendicular spaces (not angle parking), park in a space you can pull straight out of instead of having to back out. Backing out in crowed lots is tricky. Also, the Key Driving School has written me that pulling straight through a parking space is illegal in some states–so check your local traffic laws before using this tip.

    Watch for kids getting on and off school buses–and don’t run into the school buses, either.

    Go slow

    Don’t leave valuables like wallets, shoes, leather jackets or sports equipment in your cars where they can be seen because they invite break-ins.

    Always stop for school buses with flashing lights. The flashing lights mean that students are either getting on or off the bus–and may be crossing the street. Their safety depends on cars obeying this law.

    Don’t park in fire lanes around the school. Not only will you probably get a ticket, but you could be blocking the area where a fire truck needs to park in case of an emergency.

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