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  • Budget Travel Not a Hobby, but a Lifestyle

    The diverse content of InsideOut Travel Magazine, a bimonthly online publication, is proof that
    budget travel is a lifestyle that deserves its own magazine. Even when budget travelers take a
    break from the road, they’re still eager to catch up on the latest travel tips and relate to other
    travelers’ entertaining anecdotes.

    InsideOut Travel Magazine is also the perfect resource for travelers to research their next
    destination, or to post their latest news from the road.
    “We don’t just have a magazine, but message boards, blogs from travelers out on the road,
    happy hours here in San Francisco where people can trade stories or make new travel buddies,
    photo contests-the response has been great,” said Josh Krist, the publisher. “The budget travel
    lifestyle is about doing the most you can when you’re at home to get ready for that next trip,
    and when you’re out on the road, it’s all about meeting people and opening yourself up to new
    experiences. We address all facets of that.”

    The magazine’s founders are familiar with the backpacker lifestyle and the desire to stay in
    touch with life on the open road, even when travelers are back in the confines of the office.
    Helene Goupil and Josh Krist started the publication after they returned from a year-long trip
    around the world and craved a forum with like-minded budget travelers.
    The fifth issue includes articles on smuggling cigarettes in Poland, buying counterfeit clothes and
    videos in Peru and an interview of travel writer Ayun Halliday, a seasoned budget traveler who
    prides herself on once having stretched $800 USD between two people for two months in

    “As a budget traveler, I’m interested in reading about other travelers’ experiences but also in
    what’s going on in a specific country,” said Helene Goupil, the editor. “Most travel magazines
    seem disconnected from local reality-I like to read about current events, what’s it like to teach
    English in China like Ian Williamson, what happens if I get sick in Mexico like Kathleen Crislip or
    where to stay in Bangkok like Laurie Weed if I’ve never been there.”

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