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  • Blink, the application to reserve a room at the last minute

    Sometimes it is usual to talk about that typical anecdote that, when we do not want to go out at night, it is usually when we talk to each other the most. Something similar happens with travel: just plan a trip to the detail so that everything goes the other way around. From a bad hotel reservation to a horrible delay with your plane tickets . To make everything more random is Blink , a Spanish application that allows you to search for a hotel with four hotels to choose from in the city where we are at that moment.

    When we start using Blink, we just have to tell him the city where we will sleep or where we want to sleep . What makes it special is that, instead of showing us a thousand and one possible combinations that do nothing but waste our time , Blink gives you only the supposed best hotel rooms and the best deals.

    The normal thing, yes, is that these offers are not as affordable as we expect: almost all the hotel rooms that you can book belong to accommodations between three and four stars so we are not thrilled with the price of the room.

    Developed by three young people from Castilla y León, the application has its own version for the two most popular mobile operating systems, Android and iOS, something that has helped to cement the success of an idea that already allows you to book a hotel room not only in Spain, but also in the United States, France, Germany, United Kingdom or Italy, with which we only need to worry about flights to these countries because the hotel will provide us with the application.


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