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  • All you need to know for visiting Mount Bromo

    Indonesia, as we all know is a great tourist destination. Travellers from around the world visit the place all year round. Although the most common tourist attractions here are Jakarta, Seminyak, Jimbaran, Kuta etc, Mount Bromo is a place which has started intriguing more tourists lately.

    If you too are starting to plan or have already been planning your trip to Mount Bromo, there are a few things that you need to know and chances are that nobody is going to tell you. So, here we are sharing everything you need to know before visiting Mount Bromo.

    Everything you need to know for visiting Mount Bromo

    Mount Bromo is an active volcano that resides in East Java, Indonesia. The general misconception that goes about volcanoes is that there is just lava all around. While, Mount Bromo is a beautiful tourist destination with a lot of greenery and beautiful views and weather.

    Here is what you need to know before visiting the place.

    1. Go via Surabaya

    To go to the Mount Bromo, you will have 2 options to choose from. Either you go via Malang or you go via Surabaya. Usually people end up choosing Malang and miss out on a lot, as it somewhere lacks with facilities.

    While, on the other hand Surabaya is one of the largest cities in Indonesia. Also, Surabaya has a lot many amenities to offer along with more flights to and from. The place is very easily accessible if you are flying out of Java.

    All of this makes Surabaya a better option to fly to, if you are planning to visit Mount Bromo.

    2. Do pack for the cold weather

    This is something that nobody will actually tell you. Although, Indonesia is thought and known to be a place with no winters, Mount Bromo on the other hand can get as cold as zero degree celsius.

    For that reason it is always recommendable to carry a pair of winter clothes. This is a must if you want to see the famous sunrise on the Mount Bromo without shivering. So, don’t forget to carry your winter wear.

    3. Bring extra clothes to your trip

    Well, it might not come to us as obvious, but being around an active volcano means a lot of dust along with wind. This will obviously dirty down your clothes. Not that washing your clothes at the hotel will be too tough, carrying an extra pair will always be a great idea.

    So, carry an extra pair of clothes to let chaos be out of your travel plans.

    4. Toilet Paper is a myth here

    Talking about the facilities and all the amenities that a tourist can ask for, it’s no less than any other travel destinations. However, if you are not used to using water and soap in place of toilet paper, you might have to have a hard time travelling in Indonesia.

    Foreign tourists travelling to Mount Bromo are always advised to carry toilet paper for their personal use. And if water and soap suits you, well then there is no reason to worry about that.

    5. An Umbrella or a Raincoat might be of help

    Many people are unaware of the fact that rains are not an impossible scenario around Mount Bromo. While, the general belief that goes around is that rains are too rare to drench you down, we recommend carrying an umbrella or a raincoat, whichever suits you better

    The reason is that there aren’t even enough trees around the place. On a bad day, the rains can be heavy too. In that case without an umbrella or a raincoat, the day will be drenched.

    So, try to bring an umbrella or a raincoat on your visit to Mount Bromo.

    6. Carry a Sunscreen

    We all know how hot Indonesian heat can be. The sun can really cause skin burns on a sensitive skin. Tan lines and skin itchiness are very normal if you travel here.

    And talking of Mount Bromo, as mentioned above the temperatures can go as low as zero degree celsius. But then that happens only during the night and early in the morning. So, you will need winter clothes for seeing the sunrise. For visiting Mt. Bromo in the day, you will need a Sunscreen.

    During daytime, it’s the typical Indonesian heat around Mount Bromo. So, be careful and carry a sunscreen with you.

    Final words

    Mount Bromo is one of a few active volcanoes on the planet. Getting to visit and being around that can be a great experience if you are prepared for the worst and welcoming for the best.

    The weather around the place can go really bad and for the sake of being cautious, it is advisable to be prepared. Keeping the mentioned tips in mind for your visit to Mount Bromo, you will be avoiding many possible problems. These problems could’ve disturbed your good experience otherwise.

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