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    Most people believe travel is costly. However, amazing deals are occurring all the time. They usually don’t last long, and you must act fast. This can be an issue when the deal demands you to hop on a plane next week (how many people could do this? ).

    The good news is that most deals are scheduled for months into the future, which gives you plenty of time to organize your timetable.

    Because it is possible to cancel the plane within 24 hours of it not costing you a penny, I can secure the deal and then decide how I can make it work. Sometimes, I can (like the USD 1200 business class trip that took me from Los Angeles through Stockholm round trip). Sometimes, I don’t (like those 400-dollar New Zealand flights I needed to cancel).

    Today, I’d like to share my favorite places for deals on travel, suggestions, and expert advice. These resources concentrate on just one aspect of traveling. Why not take advantage of them? I’m unable to know everything; therefore, I rely on experts. If I were a doctor in an emergency room, I’d be your general physician.

    Where to Find the Best Cruise Deals

    To me, there’s just one website that offers cruise deals that is worth keeping track of CruiseSheet. It consistently provides among the lowest available prices, and the interface is gorgeous.

    If I cannot find something on CruiseSheet or want to confirm the price, I go to the second-best website,

    Where to Find the Best Transportation Deals

    If you’re in the market for affordable transportation, you must look at these websites. Low-cost trains, buses, and rideshare apps will assist in keeping the cost of transportation at a minimum, allowing you to enjoy more time to travel. Here are some of my favorites:

    FlixBus The FlixBus is a low-cost bus service throughout Europe and the USA.

    Eurail The site offers an array of discounted train tickets, both for individual countries and whole regions of Europe, and passes for the entire continent.

    Rome2Rio Rome2Rio A valuable source to find and compare affordable transportation alternatives.

    BlaBlaCar is a ridesharing app that connects travelers with local drivers seeking to take passengers for a fee.

    RVShare A platform that allows a sharing economy for leasing camper vans and RVs directly from the locals.

    Turo is a car rental application that allows users to hire cars for short periods from locals.

    Japan Rail Pass Passes for trains that are affordable and specifically designed for Japan. Available in 7 and 14-day and 21-day pass.

    Find Cars: A complete rental car directory for destinations across the globe.

    Where to Find the Best Accommodation Deals

    From hostels and hotels to camping, many excellent websites are available to help you find bargains to save cash. Here are some suggestions to help you start: – This is the most reliable website to search for hotels regardless of where you are located worldwide. I typically begin my search for hotel rooms on this. – While you can use Agoda to search for hotels across the globe, I use Agoda to find accommodation in Asia. It seems like this is where they stand out above the other competitors.

    Campspace This app connects you to locals renting out terrain plots, including cabins, RVs, and camper vans from rustic to Glamping.

    Trusted housesitters – Allows travelers to connect with locals searching for pet and house sitters. Ideal for long-term or slow travelers.

    Hostelworld Hostelworld HTML0 is the absolute best source to find budget-friendly hostels all over the globe. I rely on them whenever I travel, and I recommend you do the same!

    Where to Find the Best Tour Deals

    For excursions and tours, I monitor the following companies and subscribe to their newsletters as well:

    The Nomadic Network (TNN) TNN TNN is a worldwide community for those who love travel that I started in 2019. We’re now offering group tours to those who wish to travel and not just to travel. We partner with local guides, and in areas with which we have a wealth of knowledge, you’ll be able to glimpse what it’s like to be a resident in each location!

    Intrepid Travel – Following TNN, I have to say that this is my top small-group tour operator. They have local guides on staff and are ideal for individuals and couples/groups.

    Walks Walks Walks offers small group tours led by local guides to some of the top cities around the world.

    Devour Food Tours is My favorite food tour company that offers tours throughout Europe and the US.

    EatWith allows you to cook home-cooked meals prepared by local cooks. Every person sets their prices (so prices can differ significantly according to the cook). However, this is an excellent opportunity to experience something completely different, take advantage of a local’s wisdom, and make an acquaintance.

    Find Your Guide – A massive activity aggregator that can book and find any activity, from cooking classes and walking tours to multiple-day local excursions.

    Where I Find the Best Travel Insurance Deals

    I will never travel without insurance. After enduring accidents and emergencies in foreign countries (and having heard of many others injured or robbed while on the roads), I always ensure I have comprehensive healthcare and travel insurance before leaving home. Here are the companies I recommend to help you find the best travel insurance

    SafetyWing – My preferred travel insurance provider. They have affordable monthly plans that have deductibles. They are great for digital nomads as well as budget-conscious travelers!

    “Insure My Trip If you’re over 70 and searching for insurance, this is the perfect location to look it up!

    Medjet The Medjet is an excellent choice for those planning to be far away from home and need additional evacuation protection. Medjet is perfect for solo travelers and highly cost-effective.

    Although my website is excellent for local advice, tips, and guidance requirements, choose the businesses listed above if you require travel deals that take you to the place you’d like to go. They’re the ones I rely on, and they’ve never led me in the wrong direction! They’ll help you save the most money!

    Book Your Trip: Logistical Tips and Tricks

    Find cheap flights by making use of Skyscanner. My favorite search engine since it scans airlines and websites worldwide so that you are always sure there’s no stone left without a scratch.

    Book Your Accommodation

    Hostels can be booked through Hostelworld. If you want to stay in a different place than a hotel, go to, as it always provides the lowest rates for guesthouses and hotels.

    Don’t Forget Travel Insurance

    Travel insurance will safeguard you against injury, illness, theft, and cancellations. It’s a complete insurance plan in case everything happens to you. I will never take any trip without it since I’ve used it in several instances. My personal favorites that provide the most value and service are:

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