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  • Visiting a Cranberry Bog in Massachusetts

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    Visiting a Cranberry Bog in Massachusetts

    For a long time, the idea of visiting a cranberry swamp has always been on the list of things to do. One of the more bizarre items that I have on my bucket list is definitely a trip to Cranberry Bog. It could have started with watching Ocean Spray commercials on TV and thinking about how great it would be to walk in the cranberry bog!

    As I planned a trip for the fall in Massachusetts, It was the perfect moment to complete this bucket list dream become a reality. I knew that one of my visits to Massachusetts was going to be the”cranberry bog.

    It’s the time of year to harvest these ripe red berries. Many bogs throughout Massachusetts provide tours to allow you to peek into the nature of cranberry farming.

    The past has shown that Massachusetts has been among the largest producers of crowberries in the United States. In reality, more than one-third of the cranberries are from this tiny Northeastern state. The cranberries are intrinsically linked with fall and bring memories of Thanksgiving foods such as cranberry sauce or pie made of cranberries.

    They are among the rare fruits that are native to North America, and Native Americans made use of them for medicine as well as food items, dyes, and medicines. Evidently, the Pilgrims were able to appreciate the many benefits of cranberries, and it is not surprising that the bright red berries have an extensive history in Massachusetts.

    If you’re looking to visit the cranberry bogs of Massachusetts for your family, keep reading!

    My Top Recommendation: Benson’s Pond

    The bog with cranberries I toured was Benson’s Pond, located in Middleboro, Massachusetts.

    The bog owned by the family of the owner forms part of the Ocean Spray cooperative, which is located in Plymouth, Massachusetts, and has more than 700 members who grow cranberries.

    Benson’s Pond offers an experience known as “Bogger for a Day,” which I strongly recommend.

    Learn all you can about the growing of cranberries and what happens to the fruit each autumn. It’s a chance to wear a pair of waders to take a dip in a bog for yourself. There are plenty of cranberry-related treats, such as cranberry juice, dried cranberries covered in chocolate as well as cranberry bars, and much more. (Plus, you’ll receive plenty of fresh berries to bring home!)

    The tour was a bit more expensive ($99 for each person), but it was worth the cost!

    There’s no more unique experience than visiting the bog of cranberries and being able to play through the fruit. This is a great, fun autumn activity to do in Massachusetts!

    Visit this page for more information on this excursion.

    Other Cranberry Bogs to Visit

    There are numerous other cranberry boggy areas around Massachusetts that offer tours.

    But none of them offer hands-on adventure, such as Benson’s Pond, where you can put on the waders and walk into the cranberry bog. Visit the sites below for all the details about what each of these tours includes!

    Wherever you choose to go, a trip to an emerald bog for cranberries is a memorable experience that should not be missed if you’re in Massachusetts during the autumn!

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