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  • Travel tips for first-time visitors

    It’s a fact that your first trip to India will be a culture shock. India is a vast and confusing country with various cultures and customs. Traffic is non-stop in the cities, and there’s a constant buzz of activity. How can you prepare for such a sensory assault? Our essential India travel advice for beginners will help you to get to know this fascinating country. Check out the Rough Guide to India for more tips, suggestions on an itinerary, and much more.

    The most common complaint of first-time visitors is exhaustion – trying to do too many things in too little time. India is a vast, colorful, and addictive country, but you should be realistic about what you can see. A trip to a specific area will give you more than just a quick tour. Remember that India will not disappear – you can come back repeatedly.

    Get out of the City

    It may sound cliche, but visiting smaller villages is the best way to experience India. It’s a great way to get out of overcrowded and sprawling cities. After you have cleared your mind, for example, with a trip into the mountains, or the slower-moving Kerala in the southern part of India, you will be better able to experience the famed hospitality of Indian urbanites.

    When planning your first visit to India, check out our list of things to do.

    What you eat is essential

    The most crucial tip for newbies to India is this: don’t drink alcohol! On your first visit to India, you will likely experience a stomachache. You can avoid it. Avoid ice or salads, as they can cause stomach upsets. Street food is not a must, but you should stick to boiled or fried foods and fresh fruits that are peeled.

    You don’t need to be so precious about your own space

    In India, personal space is not a very popular concept. On public transport, you will be squeezed and crammed into lifts. You may feel intimidated by people asking you intrusive questions about yourself. The questions you receive are simply a sign of politeness from the locals.

    Dress for the occasion

    Be aware of India’s relatively modest culture. To respect this, covering your arms and legs will help. Indians will forgive those who don’t know their culture, but removing your shoes when entering a home can make an impression. Removing your shoes when entering sacred spaces, such as a temple, is essential. You should cover your shoulders and wear dresses or shorts that reach the knees when entering a temple. If you see people wearing shoes outside a store, that’s an indication to take your own off.

    Keep your hands and feet on the ground

    In India, feet are considered unclean. If you touch anything with your foot, it is appropriate to apologize immediately. In India, it’s considered rude to eat or pass objects with the left hand (Indians wipe their hands after using the bathroom). Watch what other people do if you need clarification on local customs and traditions.

    Keep in mind that Indian time is relative

    In India, you may have to wait for a half-hour when you thought it would only take five minutes. You may find that traveling around India takes longer than you expected due to traffic and other disruptions. What is one of the essential travel tips for India? Allow for delays. Try to run errands and shop in the morning. Many government offices and stores close for lunch in the afternoon.

    Stay Safe

    There are many ways to stay safe in India. While it may seem obvious that you shouldn’t walk alone on dark streets, you can do several simple things. Carrying large amounts of cash anywhere is a bad idea. Pickpocketing in India’s crowded cities is a significant problem. Haggling in a market is also prone to becoming a heated, unpleasant exchange. Try to remain calm if you find yourself in a heated discussion. Do not allow yourself to become irritated. Be polite but firm.

    Prepare yourself for noise

    Indian cities can be noisy. Motorbikes, cars, crowds of people, street vendors, and more. To ensure you have some personal space in your mind, you should carry earphones. It can be challenging to cope with the sheer noise of a city in India.

    Deals that are too good to be accurate should not be taken

    Simple rules will help you avoid scams in other places. Avoid card cloning fraud by paying with cash. You may save yourself a lot more trouble in the future. Pay attention to the details if you arrange to send things home via post. It’s common for shops to accept your payment but send you worthless goods instead.

    Have you read all our India travel advice, and are you ready to book your trip? Contact us! We have local experts who can create and secure an itinerary fully tailored to your needs.

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