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    Toulouse is perhaps the most underrated French city! We are here to help! After seeing all the wonderful things you can do in Toulouse, adding it to your France itinerary is easy. It would help if you allowed yourself at least two to three days in this charming French city, whether you’re traveling by car through France or taking the Eurail.

    Before booking our boat trip through South France with Le Boat, we hadn’t considered visiting Toulouse. But it was something that we were excited to do. It was always difficult to see Toulouse without being overshadowed by Paris, Nice or Marseille. We knew we were in for a surprise when we reached the Grand Balcon Hotel right off the city’s main square.

    Toulouse: Where are you?

    Toulouse is located in south France, three hours north of Andorra. It is three hours west of Montpelier. It is not on the Mediterranean coast, like Cannes and Marseille, but inland on the River Garonne banks. The Canal du Midi also serves Toulouse.

    Toulouse, France

    Toulouse is also known as La Ville Rose (or Pink City) because of the pink bricks used to build many of its buildings. Toulouse, France’s fourth-largest city, is easily accessible by foot.

    Toulouse is a great place to visit in France, with its 140,000 student population and prestigious university. We enjoyed our three days in Toulouse and wanted to share why you should include Toulouse, France, on your travel bucket list.

    Toulouse’s laid-back atmosphere is what makes it so charming. Although it doesn’t have the same famous attractions as Paris, its hospitality is unmatched. After visiting this charming city, we were convinced that Toulouse’s people are some of the most friendly in France.

    Everyone was friendly and eager to advise and help us plan our trip to the city. It brought back memories of 20-year-old travel when you could sit on a porch and enjoy a cup of coffee while watching people go by. Toulouse will help you to slow down, relax, and feel the city’s energy.

    Things to Do in Toulouse, France

    Toulouse has many things to offer. The Toulouse Pass is the best way to make the most of your time here. A city pass is a great way to get into museums and other famous landmarks when you travel. The Toulouse Pass is a 1-, 2-, or 3-day pass that includes public transport and allows you to enter most of the city’s most famous tourist attractions.

    Le Capitole

    Le Place du Capitole, also known as Capitole in French, is the most common place to stop in Toulouse. It is beautiful. The Capitole dominates the square, which stretches 420 feet (128m) along its eastern border. It also contains The Opera House (Theatre du Capitole), City Hall and The Opera House. The Place du Capitole, located in the Old Quarter of Paris, is lined by restaurants with outdoor terraces.

    The Occitan cross, which depicts the signs of the Zodiac, is adorning cobblestones. Make sure you look down. It is crowded with vendors selling souvenirs and dresses while it is open at night.

    You can take a 70-minute bus tour of Toulouse City starting from the Place du Capitole. This tour was a great introduction to Toulouse by my Brother and Sister-in-law. Get your guide Rates.

    The River Garonne

    The heartbeat of Toulouse is the Garonne River, which cuts through the middle of Toulouse. The river is lined with historic buildings, bridges, and public parks. Book a river cruise to enjoy the River Garonne. The Toulouse Card offers20% discount on cruises on the Garona River and Canal du Midi with Les Bateaux Toulousains

    Place De La Daurade

    Although Le Capitole is the official meeting place in Toulouse, the River Garonne is where most people relax on its banks. Sunbathers, cyclists and others enjoy the beautiful promenade that runs along the river banks. It is a great spot for people who want to stroll after the sun sets. Beautiful views of La Grave and Pont Neuf can be seen from the Garonne River. Toulouse also has its Pont Neuf, just like Paris.

    Pont Neuf

    Pont Neuf, or the New Bridge, is a popular tourist spot in Toulouse. It’s located on the Garonne River. Contrary to its name, Pont Neuf is actually the oldest bridge in Toulouse. It dates back to the 16th Century. Photographing from the left bank is the best way to capture the River Garonne. Be on the lookout for the red devil hidden under the bridge. It’s an unusual addition to the historic structure, though I don’t know why.

    Basilique Saint Sernin (Toulouse Cathedral)

    Although it may not be as grand as Notre Dame in Paris’s setting, Basilique Saint Sernin remains one of Europe’s most important cathedrals. It has welcomed pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago (Way of St. James) for centuries.

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