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  • TikTok Travel Tips: Try them on your next trip

    TikTok is an excellent source of creative content for almost any niche, and travel is no different. In addition to aesthetically pleasing and highly swoon-worthy travel content, # travelTok is best known for its simple advice, tips, and tricks that make travel more fun (and can save you money).

    After you scroll through the videos of dances and dogs, you will find experts, flight attendants, and travel bloggers who can teach you to travel smarter. The experts share tips on traveling smarter, saving money, getting free upgrades, and excellent service. They also give DIY hacks for overpacking and knowing where to find everything.

    As the world starts to move again, we should take note of the many beautiful things Tiktok taught us. Before boarding a plane, you can do several things to ensure a stress-free flight and a pleasant stay at your destination. We’ve collected some of our best Tiktok tips to help you on your next trip.

    What you can and cannot bring on a plane with your carry-on luggage

    Pack Smarter and Not Harder

    Packing is a topic worthy of a separate essay. It’s one of the top travel complaints. Airlines also have weight and size restrictions. While packing can be a hassle that few people like, TikTokers offers countless tips on making the process easier and more efficient.

    A TikToker, a flight attendant, recommends placing your heavy items at the bottom of your bag to prevent it from tipping over. She shared another bright packing tip: Layer necklaces between Press’N Seal plastic sheets to prevent them from becoming tangled.

    Several travel TikTokers suggest packing clothes in compression bags versus packing cubicles to save space for those who tend to overpack. Even vacuum bags can easily be compressed using only your body weight. This trick can lead to an overweight bag at the airport if you have too many items in your suitcase.

    This TikToker suggests storing your shoes in shower caps so your clothes don’t get dirty. Keep a few plastic bags in your luggage for dirty clothes you may want to separate.

    Are you itching for some more clever packing tips? On TikTok, you can find hundreds of packing tips by scrolling under the # PackagingTips hashtag.

    Try anti-motion sickness goggles

    Motion sickness can make travel a very uncomfortable experience. Motion sickness can ruin a trip, whether from lousy turbulence in an airplane or a long car ride with winding roads. Some TikTokers have found relief from a pair of unusual eyewear. The frames of these anti-motion sickness glasses feature four rings, two placed in front of each eye and two more on either side. The rings contain liquid that moves and calibrates with you or the vehicle. The fluid moving is meant to create an illusion of a false horizon to your line of sight to balance your brain’s information and prevent motion sickness.

    The effectiveness of these glasses has yet to be studied, but TikTok’s reviews seem promising. If you want to wear funky glasses in the airport or Uber, try this new eyewear.

    Get free room upgrades

    Sometimes, all you need to do to get an upgrade is to ask politely. It’s a good idea to join hotel reward programs. This is one of the best ways to ensure you get a promotion. There are other ways to get a bigger room, whether you’re a rewards member or not. When requesting an upgraded room, you should mention your anniversary, birthday, or special event. The receptionist will be more likely to assist you if you let them know that you are celebrating. Mention your rewards program membership.

    A second tip from luxury travel TikToker @lux_list is to stay in a newly opened establishment. Most new hotels have a low occupancy rate and want to increase their online presence or exposure on social media. You can also offer to post a Google review about your stay or leave a Google Review in exchange for a better room.

    Swap your Neck Pillow for a Brace

    This is not to prepare you for some crazy adventure. It’s just a way of keeping your head upright in an airplane or car. Neck pillows can be expensive, bulky, and ineffective (especially at airports), especially if you have a long neck. Use a neck brace. This product is designed to support the channel and reduce motion. These are usually more compact and affordable. This TikToker bought one at Walgreens for $7. You’ll soon be able to sleep while sitting up with a neck brace.

    Try House Sitting

    The cost of finding a place to live can be a significant factor in the overall travel budget. Consider this idea: Instead of staying in hotels, you can house-sit on your next vacation. There are plenty of websites like,, and that offer safe house-sitting services in destinations all around the world. Imagine it as a free Airbnb. You get to live in an entirely local and unique environment that is not accessible to tourists. You can also provide pet-sitting services, a massive perk for animal lovers. The possibilities and options are endless. For fans of The Holiday cult classic, it could feel like living in a movie.

    You can get reimbursed for your troubles

    Erika Kullberg is a popular TikToker who has become viral after sharing tips about how to get your money back by reading the fine print. She also has some hacks for airlines. In one of her viral videos, she explains how to get reimbursed if you are bumped off an overbooked plane. According to her, “involuntary refused boarding” is what this situation is known as. The Department of Transportation states that travelers are entitled to receive up to four times the price of their one-way fare if they can’t reach their destination within an hour of the flight’s arrival time. Kullberg has a feed that you should check out the next time your airline delays your flight or damages your luggage.

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