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  • Thousands Of Heart Operations Monthly At Cleveland Clinic Ohio

    In the eighteenth century Euclid Avenue was known as the elite and famous area. From one end of the then dusty avenue, on either side of the road was massive built mansions. When the depression hit in the twenties, the mansion owners suffered and turned their eloquent homes into boarding houses. But three innovative army doctors had an idea to begin construction on a medical office. Unheard of in those days was a doctors office with more than one physician. In nineteen twenty one the Cleveland clinic Ohio was on the established.

    The clinic caught attention and today sits on one hundred sixty six acres with fifty separate buildings to house the scientist and eighteen hundred doctors. The clinic has expanded not only in the Ohio area but to other countries. The once dusty road, Euclid avenue which was lined with mansions, is now a busy street that leads directly to the hospital and the downtown area.

    Monarchs, Presidents, golf enthusiasts, well know evangelist and Prime Ministers have been treated at the famous establishment. The physicians specialize in many different fields of medical care and have treated people of all standings. The heart surgeons are rated number one in the United States and additionally eighty other countries. They have discovered it takes only a one inch incision to replace a diseased heart valve with a robotic valve.

    Scientist work to create new and possibly life saving procedures in one or more of the fifty buildings in the massive complex. Heart surgeons who have been rated number one for the past sixteen years have discovered only a one inch incision is required to replace a bad heart valve with a robotic valve.

    As busy is the hospital, there are many other attractions to view in the area. Less than four miles away in Strongsville is a fabulous hotel to accommodate those who may have family in the hospital. Not only are the rooms for families of patients, they are available for anyone visiting the area for any reason.

    The sites to see are many and one may choose to take a ride on the trolley cars that have been in existence for the past fifty years. It is a familiar site to watch the bright red and green trolleys on the downtown streets. As in years past, they still ring the ding dong bells.

    After viewing the historical downtown area, a beautiful dining area awaits back at the hotel. A relaxing inside pool area awaits after an exercising experience in the fully equipped weight room.

    Shuttle service is available to those who need it and shuttles back and forth to the hotel from the airport, which is only eight miles away. The shuttle also takes patrons to the local events. The relaxing rooms are inviting and are well kept and spacious. Suites are available also. Roll in showers, secretarial service, on site parking and accommodating service for patrons who have hearing loss or are blind. The offerings of service at this lovely hotel located on Royalton Road is too many to number. The Cleveland clinic Ohio is only a few minutes drive.

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