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  • The Most Christmassy Cities in Europe

    Christmas in Europe is synonymous with snow, time-honored tradition, Gothic churches with amazing choirs, and charming medieval squares brought alive by Christmas markets.

    Some cities celebrate the holidays with grand style while others have unique customs and yuletide nostalgia.

    A trip to these European Christmas-perfect cities will blow Scrooge away. It combines beautiful ancient architecture, fantastic festive fairs, and sweet winter smells to bring back childhood memories.

    These are the top European cities to visit during Christmas.

    Prague, Czech Republic

    Prague is the Gothic fairytale Europe. It celebrates Christmas with glamour and grandeur. The stunning architecture provides a dramatic backdrop to sipping scented wine and getting lost in Christmas shopping.

    The Czech capital’s winter is cold and crisp, but it is wonderful to walk down the cobbled streets that speak of ghosts from a turbulent past and beautiful Gothic buildings covered in fresh snow.

    Vienna, Austria

    Vienna is a city that celebrates Christmas with grace and elegance. Its elegant, sparkling Christmas markets, legendary cafe culture and old-world charm, lend the city a magical appeal. The magnificent architecture bathed in twinkling lights makes it a great backdrop for a fun-filled winter getaway.

    Cologne, Germany

    Cologne, also known as Koln, is well-known for its magnificent cathedral. This Gothic masterpiece dominates the city from many angles.

    From November through New Year’s Eve, the largest city on the Rhine hosts seven Christmas fairs. Some are unique, and some are authentic and rich in tradition.

    Strasbourg, France

    The charming Alsatian city is near the German border and has the oldest Christmas market in France, a beautiful Gothic cathedral, and a charming UNESCO-listed Old Town. This makes it a great destination for your winter vacation. The charming Marches de Noel set up on Strasbourg’s historic plazas and the elaborate displays that decorate the half-timbered homes each year will be a hit.

    Nearly 300 traditional wooden stalls are located under the cathedral’s shadow. They sell beautiful Christmas ornaments and Nativity figurines, and heartwarming seasonal specialties like roasted chestnuts and vin chaud (mulled wines). You can’t resist jumping on the glistening ice-skating tracks and carol singing.

    Wroclaw (Poland)

    Wroclaw is Poland’s fourth-largest city and hosts a charming Christmas market. It dates back to the 16th century. Brightly decorated streets, vibrant atmosphere and positive vibes fill the Old Town. Christmas songs echo in the Rynek (a beautiful candy-colored square with Hungarian, German and Italian influences) that evokes the city’s diversity.

    Wroclaw was voted the European Capital of Culture in 2016. You can expect to find a city rich with history, events, and vibrant cultural life. It is one of Europe’s most charming Christmas destinations, with fewer tourists and lower prices than other places on this list.

    Tallinn, Estonia

    Tallinn has a medieval Old Town, which is UNESCO-protected, that looks straight out of a children’s book. But it’s winter that makes it special.

    The Raekoja Plats Town Hall Square is a beautiful scene during the holidays. It has pastel-hued facades and old-world street lamps. Small wooden huts are filled with artisan goods. And the Christmas tree is a majestic sight against the backdrop of freshly powdered rooftops. Estonia’s capital is the first public Christmas tree site, which was erected in Town Hall Square in 1441.

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Christmas in Copenhagen is filled with bright lights, festive spirit and Hyggelige cafés. Here, innovative design and legendary Danish coziness combine harmoniously to create an unforgettable experience. The entire city is decorated with festive decorations and Christmas markets.

    The Tivoli Gardens are the only place that is smothered in Christmas magic. The world’s second-oldest amusement park is transformed into a Christmas wonderland each year. Spectacular Christmas light displays, thrilling rides, and sweet little stands selling traditional gifts and other goods.

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