The Michaelskirche

St. Michael’s Church or Michaelskirche is a Renaissance – baroque style church in Munich, Germany. It was built between 1583 and 1597 by William V. Duke of Bavaria. Much to the dismay of local residents, over 80 houses were destroyed in order to build the church where the Duke wanted it. One of the stunning features of the church is it’s barrel vaulting that is more than comprises more than 60 feet. There was a damaging fire to the church in 1590, but construction resumed again and thus it was finished in 1597. Unfortunately, the church suffered quite a bit of damage during World War II. As a result there was a lot of reconstruction that needed to be done. Between 1946 and 1948, the building was restored.

Wittelsbach and King Ludwig Ties to Michaelskirche…

St. Michael’s Church has strong ties to the Wittelsbach dynasty. Duke Willhelm himself was a Wittelsbach and there is a statue of him in the church. There are also other statues that depict members of the family. The family tree of the Wittelsbach’s is cast in bronze at the church as well. The King behind the creation of Neuschwanstein Castle, Linderhof Palace, and Herrenchiemsee Castle,King Ludwig II of Bavaria is buried right in St. Michael’s Church. Otto of Bavaria, Maximilian I. Elector of Bavaria and William V. Duke of Bavaria all also buried at this church.

The Michaelskirche is definitely worth at least a walk by if you are in Munich. The Barrel ceiling casts a eloquent err over the church and the ability to see where King Ludwig the II of Bavaria is buried is an added bonus.

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