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    Tobermory, a small Canadian haven for nature lovers, is in Ontario. People are planning day trips and weekend getaways as Ontario open up. Tobermory, four hours north of Toronto, is the ideal weekend getaway. We’ve compiled a list of the top things to do in Tobermory to help you plan your summer trip.

    Things to Do in Tobermory Canada

    Tobermory, a harbor town surrounded by water and nature, is a stunning place. With its towering cliffs and islands and clear, clean water, Tobermory is one of the most beautiful spots on the Bruce Peninsula. It should be on your list.

    Are you not a driver? Take this full-day tour starting in Toronto. You’ll be taken on a glass-bottom boat trip through Little Tub Harbour, Tobermory, passing Big Tub Lighthouse, and then reach Flower Pot Island to see the two flowerpot sea stacks along its eastern shoreline.

    Explore Downtown

    You can visit Tobermory on a single day, but it’s recommended that you spend at least a weekend there to experience the city truly. There are many options for accommodation and camping. For accommodation, check out Tobermory Village Campground or Cyprus Lake Campground. Let’s look at what Tobermory has to offer now that you have decided to go.

    Downtown Tobermory is located on Little Tub Harbour and Big Tub Harbours. This waterfront location offers dining, shopping, kayak rentals, and boat tours. Enjoy a beer at Tobermory Brewing Co. & Grill and fish and chips from Shipwreck Lees and Fish and Chips Place. You can also shop at the art galleries and boutique shops for handmade gifts and crafts after you have finished your lunch.

    Flowerpot Island

    Flowerpot Island, one of Ontario’s most beautiful and picturesque places, is not easily accessible by road. You can book a boat cruise package that includes a visit to Flowerpot Island. The name comes from the rock pillars that appear like flower pots at the eastern shore. There are also trees growing at the top.

    The island has many rock formations and hiking trails that lead to caves. Flower Pot Island is 1.6 km wide and covers 495 acres. It can be easily explored. The island has well-marked hiking trails.

    Sturdy shoes are recommended for hiking on the beaches, as they can be very rocky. Tobermory is also a great place to take water shoes. It is possible to stay over at any of the six campsites on the island. However, we recommend that you book your space in advance.

    The Grotto

    The Grotto, a hidden sea cave on Lake Huron’s shores, is located in Bruce Peninsula National Park. It is a stunning view, and you will feel like you are in the Caribbean, not Canada. You must climb down to get to the water, where you must squeeze through a hole. You can then jump in to dip, although it may seem like the Caribbean. However, these waters are icy.

    The Grotto can be very busy in summer, so you need to book your entry in advance. You must purchase a parking permit in advance. Access is restricted to four hours for timed entry. For more information and booking time, you can contact Park Canada.

    • Notice: You could swim in the Grotto before the pandemic, but you can’t socially distance yourself from the Grotto now.

    Singing Sands Shore

    Singing Sands Beach is Tobermory’s largest beach. It is located 10 kilometers south of Tobermory. This beach is excellent for a picnic and enjoying the summer sun. You can also swim in the clear, pristine waters of the boardwalk and picnic area. Parking is charged, so bring cash.

    Little Cove Beach is another option, but it isn’t a sandy beach. It is, however, an excellent location for photographers as the cobbled shoreline leads to turquoise waters. This makes it the perfect spot to take an Instagram photo.

    National Marine Park Fathom Five

    Tobermory is known as the freshwater scuba capital of the world. One visit to the Fathom Five Marine Park will show you why. You can also hike on the trails. You can reach 20 islands in the park, including Flowerpot Island, by boat or ferry.

    This is the final resting place of approximately 20 shipwrecks. The main attraction is scuba diving and snorkeling to view these wrecks and the fantastic natural underwater formations. They are in great shape because they are located in freshwater.

    Here, we have been scuba diving. It is cold here, and the water is quite warm. A minimum 7mm suit is required, although most prefer to dive in dry cases. Downtown outfitters also offer snorkeling, kayaking, and boat tours if you’re not a scuba diver. You can rent kayaks at Tobermory Cruise Line.

    Bruce Peninsula National Park

    Tobermory can be reached in just minutes by Bruce Peninsula National Park. The protected area is home to a variety of habitats and landscapes. It offers many fun activities, including hiking, camping, and birdwatching. You can book all of these activities in Tobermory. Many hiking trails range in difficulty.

    You might spot wildlife like black bears and foxes while exploring the park. The park’s flora is also fascinating, with 40 species of orchids.

    Orchid Festival in Tobermory

    Tobermory is home to many orchid species. The Bruce Peninsula Orchid Festival, which takes place in June each year, showcases the abundance of these orchid species. A feature presentation is also held at the Tobermory festival. You can explore the different types of orchids by hiking and touring the surrounding areas. Tobermory offers a unique habitat that wild orchids require for their survival.

    Hike the Bruce Trail

    The Bruce Trail runs 885km along the Niagara Escarpment. It begins in Niagara but ends in Tobermory. Ontario’s most beautiful views are found along the Bruce Peninsula National Park. For more information on accommodations, visit the Bruce Trail.

    Get out on the water.

    Tobermory offers many options for getting on the water. You can book a glass bottom boat, day cruise, or ferry to the islands. All of these can be reserved! Tobermory Outfitters offers boat rides and cruises through National Marine Park to Flowerpot Island. Blue Heron Cruises introduced new boats with glass bottoms, an open-air deck, and enclosed cabins.

    You can enjoy the perfect view from every angle on your trip. Apart from the time spent around Fathom Five or Georgian Bay, a cruise is one of your best options for Tobermory.

    Open-air jetboats are available for those who want a more thrilling experience on the water. These boats are fast and comfortable, with the seats facing forward so that everyone can enjoy the view of the surrounding land and shipwrecks.

    Kayaking and canoeing in Tobermory

    Tobermory is a place where there are many water sports. It’s impossible not to have fun with all the water activities. Thorncrest Outfitters provides complete canoeing, kayaking experiences, and open-water paddling in the lakes. Thorncrest Outfitters delivers all the necessary outdoor gear and clothing to make your adventure safe and enjoyable.


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