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    Cebu City, Philippines, is the ideal place to stay for a few nights before moving on to the beaches and resorts of the beautiful islands. There are so many things to do in Cebu City that it is worth spending a few days.

    Cebu is the second-most populated province of the Philippines, and Cebu City is second to Metro Manila.

    • Cebu City and Mandaue City, both on Cebu Island, have merged to form one large area.
    • Lapu-Lapu City, Mactan Island, is where you’ll land if you fly to Cebu.
    • Cebu is known for its island-hopping, snorkeling, and other outdoor activities. Swimming with whale sharks. You can Google ” Whale shark watching in Cebu You’ll find thousands of search results. The resorts and whale sharks are undoubtedly worth your time and money. However, this post will highlight all the activities in Cebu City you should do before you rush to the white sand beaches.

    Cebu Philippines: The Best Things to Do

    • I have spent four months in Cebu. Although I’m not a tourist, I work full time online as a digital nomad.
    • I am looking for a place where I can settle down and feel comfortable, safe, secure, and friendly.
    • Cebu is a city that fits all these criteria and has many modern conveniences any major city can offer.
    • What can you see in Cebu City?
    • This Cebu City guide will help you if you are visiting Cebu City for the first time or if there are several days that you want to explore the major tourist attractions.
    • These are my top picks for Cebu’s best places to visit.

    Magellan’s Cross

    • One of Cebu’s most iconic historical monuments is Magellan’s Cross. After converting many people to Christianity, Magellan built a cross upon his arrival.
    • You can find the original cross in another cross, which you can see in the chapel near the Basilica Menor del Santo Nino. The ceiling is covered in paintings from Magellan’s time.
    • It is right next to the Basilica Santo Nino.

    Colon street

    • Colon Street is Cebu’s most well-known street.
    • A rather simple-looking obelisk can be found at one end of the street. It claimed to be from Magellan’s time and was the “first street” in the Philippines.
    • This street was named after Christopher Columbus. His Spanish name is Cristobal Collon. Colon Street was once the most popular part of Cebu, perhaps 100 years ago. But today, it is nothing but.
    • This area is quite run-down, with some abandoned buildings. The shops on this once-fashionable street sell cheap bags, second-hand clothing, and watches for five dollars.
    • However, there are a few modern shops and more giant malls around the area. No matter your tastes, a trip to Cebu would only be complete with Colon Street.

    Cebu Heritage Monument

    • Cebu Heritage Monument is an impressive monument located in the middle of Cebu.
    • It features famous historic buildings and figures. The focus is mainly on Christianity.
    • You can either spend a few minutes there or hire a guide to show you the different parts of the monument.
    • This can be combined with a visit to the Cebu Provincial Museum to learn more about the Philippines’ history.

    Fort San Pedro

    • Fort San Pedro was constructed by Spanish Explorer Legazpi and used as a defense.
    • His statue can be found at the end of the remains.
    • You’ll find an exhibition of drawings, paintings, and photographs from Cebu City’s history.
    • You can see Plaza Independencia from here, but you should expect to find something other than a garden with trees or shade.
    • Cebu doesn’t have any city parks, which is a shame.
    • Also, Cebu is not a beach city.
      • To enjoy beach time in Cebu, you must travel to Mactan Island. You can also find beaches near Cebu City at Moalboal, Bantayan Island, and Bohol Island.

    Ayala Mall

    • Like other large cities in Southeast Asia, Cebu has many massive shopping malls.
    • However, they are not all created equal. Some are more sophisticated than others and offer better deals and budget prices, while others place greater emphasis on quality and luxury.
    • Ayala Mall will offer high-quality (and more expensive) products.
    • It is loved by ex-pats who live here.
    • One of the most popular attractions at Ayala Mall’s inner garden is the terraced area (look out for the “Terraces”), where you can have lunch and dinner with a beautiful view of the garden.

    AM City and SM Seaside Malls

    • Other large malls include SM City and SM Seaside. However, you will also find large department stores and shops in the Colon area.
    • You can also buy a SIM card in malls and change your money.
    • Getting lost in large malls is possible but possible. Even after many visits to Ayala, it was always difficult for me to find the exit.

    Basilica del Santo Nino

    • Most Filipinos are Catholics, and their faith is integral to their lives.
    • Basilica del Santo Nino, which is an excellent basilica to see, is a great one. It houses a small statue depicting the infant Jesus.
    • It was given by Magellan to the Rajah in Cebu and is now kept in a small chapel.
    • It is common to find a long line to enter the chapel. You will only be able to view the statue behind a glass wall for a few seconds, but it is said to be a remarkable statue.
    • It may offer a chance for believers to make a wish. The interior of the cathedral is beautiful.

    Metropolitan Cathedral

    • The Metropolitan Cathedral is just a few meters away, and it’s another beautiful church with a beautiful altar.
    • Magellan, a Filipino navigator trying to circumnavigate Earth in 1521, introduced Christianity.
    • Many people converted to Christianity after Magellan, a leader of Mactan, Lapu Lapu, resisted. Magellan was then killed in battle by Lapu-Lapu.
    • Magellan and Lapu – Lapu-Lapu are heroes to the majority. I couldn’t get an answer when I asked people around me how it was possible.
    • They confirmed that both gentlemen are respected equally—Magellan for introducing Christianity; Lapu-Lapu for being a national hero fighting against colonization.

    Temples of Cebu

    • The city’s center is one of many places to find some of the most beautiful temples.
    • The Cebu Taoist Temple in the north offers excellent views of the Cebu City Skyline.
    • There are also many Hindu and Buddhist temples located near the city center. While most of these temples aren’t considered must-see sites, some may be interesting. Check your online map; if you are within the city, why not stop by?


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