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    Banff is, without a doubt, the jewel of Canada’s Canadian Rockies. It is located in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada. Magnificent Rocky Mountain peaks surround it. This town invites anyone who enjoys the outdoors to explore the surrounding area.

    Canadians have had the opportunity to visit Banff several times in different seasons over the years. We have seen it all, from the turquoise waters of Lake Louise down to the slopes at Sunshine Village Ski Resort.

    Banff will be a destination you want to return to no matter when you visit. Banff offers many activities, including hiking, canoeing, skiing, ice climbing and dog sledding. You can do so many things in this amazing landscape.

    Top Things to Do in Banff

    The town of Banff itself is quite small, and you only need a few days to explore, but the surrounding Banff National Park is the Johnston Canyon. This can be done all year, but it has a different feel in different seasons.

    There are iron walkways that span the canyon and offer great views. You can choose to do both the one-way and two-way trails. You will find six frozen waterfalls, a swirling water pool and an archway leading to the end.

    The Upper Falls is where you will be rewarded by the stunning scenery of the falls falling into a pool surrounded by canyon walls. The Lower Falls takes you down into the canyon with its magnificent walls surrounding it.

    It is a moderate hike and takes about 5km round trip. Add the Bow Valley Parkway to your itinerary if you’re driving it.

    Cave And Basin National Historic Site

    Banff’s Cave and Basin National Historic Site offers a unique experience. This was the original Banff Hot Springs. Take a guided tour through the cave to find an underwater hot spring.

    Although you cannot swim in the spring, it is still amazing to walk along the path that led to the creation of Canada’s National Parks system. It is possible to learn more about the park’s history and how it was made Canada’s first National Park. This will give you a great appreciation for those who discovered this area.

    Banff Upper Hot Springs

    You don’t always have to go on an adventure when looking for activities in Banff. There are many romantic options, too. You can have a couple of massages, outdoor hot springs, luxurious lodges, or cozy hideaways.

    The Upper Hot Springs is located near the Banff Gondola. The views from Mount Rundle and surrounding valleys are breathtaking at this elevation (1585m). This is a great afternoon activity, especially when you add the natural mineral springs kept at a pleasant 98-104 F.

    Banff Hot Springs is one of Banff’s most famous natural hot springs. You can rent an old-timer bathing suit to experience the feeling of being in a 1920s bathhouse. It is also one of the most affordable things to do in Banff, costing only $10-15CAD

    Lake Minnewanka

    Lake Minnewanka can be found just outside Banff. The lake is 27 km long, making it a great place for a cruise. This gives you an excellent insight into the area’s past and is a wonderful way to appreciate its beauty.

    If you are feeling adventurous, consider taking a hike on the lake’s numerous trails. We love Lake Minnewanka-Devil’s Gap Trail and the Stewart Canyon hike.

    You can drive along the Lake Minnewanka Scenic Derive if you don’t have much time. This takes you along the edge of Lake Minnewanka before returning to Banff. This is an area you shouldn’t miss in Banff.

    Visit The Bow Valley Parkway

    The Bow Valley Parkway is just one of the many drives you should not miss while visiting Banff. This scenic two-lane drive is located off the Trans-Canada Highway and offers spectacular views. The famous Morant’s Curve, Johnston Canyon, Castle Mountain Trail and Johnston Canyon are just a few attractions.

    The Bow Valley Parkway is a great alternative route to Banff National Park. It isn’t the usual highway that everyone uses. The scenic drive is beautiful in the summer as well as winter.

    Take a walk on the Athabasca Glacier.

    The Columbia Icefield’s Athabasca Glacier is North America’s most visited glacier. Every year, thousands flock to this area to see the mountains’ stunning scenery and walk on the glacier.

    The Athabasca Glacier, located at the midpoint of the Icefield’s parkway from Banff to Jasper, is one of those Banff things you can brag about. The Ice Explorer is a 1-hour expedition bust that takes you to the glacier. We recommend you take a tour that takes you out to walk on the glacier and gaze into crevasses.

    There are two options: a 3-hour or 5-hour tour, depending on your time and fitness level. Although it does require some fitness, you will not regret this experience.

    Lake Louise: Relax, paddle, or hike

    Banff National Park’s most popular attraction is Lake Louise. In summer, tourists flock to Lake Louise in large numbers to canoe along the beautiful emerald lakes and admire the Victoria Glacier that feeds Lake Louise.

    Lake Louise was discovered for the first time in 1882 by surveyors who followed First Nations guides to the glacier. They immediately recognized the uniqueness of the location and built the first chalet there in 1890. From that point on, Lake Louise has grown in popularity.

    Like many sights in Banff National Park, the world-famous Lake Louise can be viewed year round. In summer, you can paddle across the lake in legendary red canoes. You can take your skates out in winter and glide across the ice. You can also play pond hockey if you feel adventurous.

    To avoid crowds, we recommend that you choose shoulder seasons. It can be overwhelming in the middle of summer with all the people. If you enjoy hiking, the shoulder seasons are more peaceful and offer fewer crowds.

    Ski at Sunshine Village Ski Resort

    Banff’s wintertime is the best time to visit. You can go snowboarding or skiing on the slopes. Banff has three ski resorts: Sunshine Village and Lake Louise Ski Resort. The conditions are excellent.

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