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    The Pacific Ocean is 2,500 miles from Hawaii, one of Earth’s most isolated and unique places. Hawaii has something for everyone, from surfing and snorkeling to hiking or dining. This is why Hawaii is one of our favorite travel destinations.

    This unique landscape is only possible because of its remote location. Everyone can benefit from its fascinating history and important role in world events.

    Are you ready to discover some amazing facts about Hawaii? Continue reading to learn more about Hawaii and plan your dream vacation.

    Hawaii Fun Facts

    The Human History of Hawaii Dates Back to 400 C.E.

    Although Hawaii was not established as a state until 1959, it has a rich history dating back centuries. Before humans arrived, the geological forces that created Hawaii were already at work. The history of Hawaii is one of the fascinating facts!

    Polynesian Culture

    In 400 C.E., the first humans reached Hawaii. These pioneers were Polynesians of the Marquesas Islands who traveled 2,000 miles by canoes.

    They were resourceful and used the stars, fishing, and farming to navigate their way. They lived in small towns ruled by chieftains but often fought over territory.

    Captain Cook

    The first European explorer arrived in Kauai on January 20, 1778. Iron was used on British ships by the native Hawaiians, and they believed that the Europeans were Gods.

    Captain Cook named the Sandwich Islands after the 4th Earl Sandwich, one of his benefactors. In 1779, he returned to the islands and was again received by the Europeans as deities.

    After a crew member was killed, the relationship between Hawaiians-Europeans deteriorated. The battle ended in a bloody war that saw Captain Cook killed.

    Leper colony

    King Kamehameha IV established a leper colony on Molokai at Kalaupapa in 1866. Hansen’s Disease is now known to Hawaiians. Because Hawaiians were not immune to Disease, the king decided that exile would be the best way to isolate them.

    One of the sad facts about Hawaii is that infected children were often taken from their families. They traveled by boat to the leper colony, and supplies were only delivered once per year. Patients were allowed to stay there for the rest of their lives.

    You can visit the colony today, which is managed by the National Park Service.

    King Kamehameha

    King Kamehameha is one of the most revered and well-known Hawaiians. His success in unifying the Hawaiian islands and his role as the first monarch make him the most famous.

    Kamehameha, the Great, conquered the first Island of Hawaii (his hometown) between 1782-1810. He then took control of the other eight big islands. His rule brought relative peace, international commerce, and unity.

    Queen Liliuokalani

    Queen Liliuokalani was Hawaii’s last monarch. American businesspeople invested in the Hawaiian sugar sector overthrew her in 1893.

    After being forced from her throne, Queen Liliuokalani was held in the Iolani Palace for eight months. The United States annexed Hawaii in 1898 and made it an official territory two years later.

    Every Island has its lei.

    Contrary to popular belief, leis can be made from materials other than flowers. You can make them from shells, nuts, and leaves.

    One of Hawaii’s most impressive and little-known facts is that each of the eight major Hawaiian islands has its lei. These were used historically to identify rank and status as well as the origin of a person. You can learn how to make lei on any of Hawaii’s islands.

    Lei Etiquette

    Wearing leis is a cultural custom that has its own rules. First and most importantly, you should never refuse a spray. Refusing a bouquet is rude and a sign of affection.

    Pregnant women are the only exception to this rule. Closed lei are considered bad luck and ill omens, so pregnant women should wear an open lei around their necks.

    Another interesting fact about Hawaii and its lei are that it is considered offensive to take a lei out of the hands of the person who gave them. It should be worn loosely, draped over your shoulders, and not hanging down straight from your neck.

    The Hawaiian Alphabet Only Has Twelve Letters

    Hawaii is the only U.S. state with English and Hawaiian as its official languages. Although the Hawaiian language has seen a revival over the past fifty years, it was still banned from schools and the government.

    The letters of the Hawaiian alphabet include A, E, O, U, H. K, L. M. N. P., and W. It is often referred to as a backward apostrophe, which is why the name of Hawaii will sometimes be written “Hawaii.”


    This is one of many interesting facts about Hawaii. However, many tourists know that “aloha” means hello and goodbye in Hawaiian. You can also learn more about Hawaiian culture by understanding the deeper meaning of “aloha.”

    Aloha also refers to love, respect, and compassion. It is a way to live in harmony with nature and others, creating relationships, kindness, affection, and peace.

    Hawaii has a remarkably diverse geography and nature.

    Hawaii is the only state in the U.S. It is the farthest west and has the southernmost tip. Other notable facts about Hawaii include the following:

    It is made up of 137 islands.

    We know eight significant islands: HawaiiMauiOahu, Kauai Lanai Molokai, and Niihau. There are also many other atolls or islets within the island chain. It covered 1,500 miles.

    Hawaii is Growing

    K? Kilauea Volcano, the most active volcano, was until recently. The volcanic activity erupting from this volcano since 1983 has made Hawaii’s islands.

    The lava that hit the Pacific Ocean cooled and created additional land. Hawaii’s Big Island has increased by 70 acres in the last few decades.

    The Halema’uma? u Crater, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, is also said to be home to Pele, the Hawaiian goddess, and fire. Many mainland visitors bring home illegal souvenirs made of lava rocks every year. These souvenirs are believed to be cursed. Park rangers often return these items to their original places to replace them.

    Hawaii is home to the tallest mountain in the world.

    It’s not Mount Everest. Although the Himalayan peak at the top is tallest above sea level, Hawaii is home to the world’s highest mountain.

    The summit of this dormant volcano is located 13,796 feet above sea level, but it extends 19,000 feet below the ocean floor. The total height? The total height? 33,500 feet. This is nearly a mile higher than Mount Everest.


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