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  • The Avios Travel Rewards Programme – What Exactly Is It?

    You read, and hear about reward schemes all the time – supermarkets, for example, offer shoppers rewards all the time for choosing to shop for groceries with them. But how do you sort through the various schemes to pick the ones that are the most useful to you? With so many companies and brands vying for your attention, it can be hard to focus on the reward schemes that can really count towards something. The bare essentials of the Avios Travel Rewards Programmeare simple. When you’re wandering along the aisles of a supermarket, or filling up your car with fuel, you could be adding points to your Avios stash at the same time. Of course, it depends where you shop, and whether you’re part of the programme!

    The travel reward programme offers members the chance to collect Avios via their everyday purchases, which accumulate over time. Various companies are part of the programme, meaning that you can redeem the Avios you have collected. Perhaps you want to broaden your travel horizons and use the Avios to pay for a flight to Dubai, or maybe you’d prefer to stay a little closer to home and take the family to Butlins for a week. Maybe you would prefer to use them to cover the cost of the Eurostar to Paris, or to pay, in part or in full, for a hotel room in the heart of Barcelona. The options are endless!

    How do you collect the points? It’s easy to do. Simply sign up to the programme and shop at the places that work alongside Avios. So, for groceries, shop at Tesco and use your Club card. You can trade in every £2.50 Club card voucher you have, for 600 Avios. Alongside the grocery shopping, fill your car up at a Shell petrol station. Sign up to their Drivers’ Reward Club and if you swipe your card every time you fill up the car and opt in to receive Avios as your collection Reward, you will receive Avios automatically. You can also collect via the Avios eStore, while the Lloyds and TSB credit cards also give you the chance to collect Avios on eligible purchases.

    When it comes to spending, it’s worth checking the website for more information about where you can go, and for how many points. When it comes to travel, naturally, the further you wish to fly, the more Avios it will cost, but you’ll be surprised at how many Avios you can accumulate if you make the most out of your program memembership. It’s completely free to sign up to the programme so why not join today, after all, you need to be in it to win it!

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