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  • The 5 Best Trip Planning Apps For Headache Free Travel

    It can be difficult to plan a trip. Booking hotel reservations and flight reservations are just the beginning. There are many apps that can help take the stress out. These apps will make your trip planning easy.

    These apps can be used to plan a vacation, business trip, or to track your flights. These apps can be used on both Android and iOS devices. Some offer premium tier perks, while others are free.

    One Quick Note about Google Trips

    Google Trips was a great app for trip planning. It had a lot of resources to help you find local restaurants, places to visit, and day plans. It could even gather all your Gmail travel reservations and organize your plans and data into one central place. Although it was a great app that simplified the planning of travel, Google axed it a few years ago. Google Travel now replaces it. Google Travel is only available online, but many of these features are also available in apps. Travel still offers a range of tabs that allow you to explore, find things to do and book flights and hotels. You can even find the perfect vacation rental. It even lists popular destinations with low-cost airfares, which is useful if you are an impulse traveler. Also, it makes it easy for you to go back to past trips. Although it is not an app, we recommend Google Travel and all of its powerful resources.

    TripIt is the Best Overall

    TripIt (Free), is a well-known name in this field. It’s simple in execution. The app creates a travel plan for you by simply forwarding your travel confirmation emails. You don’t have to put everything together. It will tell you when to meet at your gate and when your car is available for pick-up at the rental location. Once you have checked in at your hotel, it will also inform you when your flight has arrived. It will even keep track of all your restaurant reservations. You can also sync TripIt to your calendar, so that meetings and other events such as weddings or parties can be included in the schedule. The app takes care of all the work so you don’t have to look at the schedule. TripIt Pro (49$/year) is a premium service that provides real-time flight alerts and seat tracking. It also includes an alternate flight finder. The free app is sufficient for most users.

    Travel Planner – Vacations and Business Trips

    Sygic Vacation Trip Planner is free and targeted at vacationers, but it’s also great to use for business. You can find information about more than 20 million places, including famous landmarks and museums as well as parks, cafes and restaurants. Each case includes photos, operating hours, as well as other relevant information. The app offers offline maps for business users, along with a trip planner and premium service. It’s great if you need to be able to walk between destinations and meetings on time. You can also upgrade to the Premium+ tier for $3.99/month. This allows you to unlock all features on any device that you plan on using your account, including offline 3D mapping, voice navigation and real-time traffic information.


    Roadtrippers is all about the journey and not the destination. You’ll want to take a moment to smell the Biggest Ball of Twine while driving across the country. Roadtrippers is a mobile app that will show you where to find it. You can get more suggestions as you plan your route so that you can find the perfect restaurant on your trip. It’s an excellent way to learn more about the area around your vehicle. It is currently available in New Zealand, Australia, and the USA. You can also upgrade to Webtrippers Plus ($29.99/year). This removes ads and lets you plan longer trips. It also supports offline maps, provides live traffic updates, unlocks exclusive deals, and much more. This is a great option for frequent users. However, the free version works well in most cases.


    Kayak is an online travel agency that offers great deals on all modes. However, it can also help you find specials on activities, stays, and travel packages. Kayak will find all the options for you, no matter where you live, what time you travel or how much you budget. It is equally useful for vacationing as for business. You can also use it to compare prices and find amazing deals that could save you some money on your next vacation. You can add tons of filters to the app, centralize all your plans, track prices and show up-to-date flight info. The app also lets you share your plans easily with family or friends. The app lists hours of operation, pricing, available dates and what’s included. It also includes duration, pricing, and other details. If your internet connection is slow, you can also use an offline view mode to see your itinerary.


    TripAdvisor prefers vacations to business travel in its app and it’s even more useful for it. Its homepage offers a wide range of amazing hotels and vacation rentals. There are also plenty of suggestions for popular destinations and weekend getaways. You can also browse things to do, reserve a table at restaurants, find places to shop, as well as cruises, rental cars and vacation packages.

    You can also access a Community Travel Forum through the app. It allows you to discuss any travel-related topic or question with fellow travelers and locals in the area you are traveling to. The app also makes it simple to book transportation, accommodations, and activities, with no cancellation fees, and then save them and organize them in one place. You can also share your plans with other travelers. Are you a frequent traveler looking for a little more? Tripadvisor plus is available for $99 per year. You’ll receive members-only perks, discounted rates on more than 100,000 hotels, experiences, and rental cars. According to the company, Plus members can save on average $350 when they take their first trip. You also get 90 days to test it out before you return your money.

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