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    There are many compelling reasons to visit the East Asian Island Nation of Taiwan. These include friendly locals, some of Asia’s best night markets, excellent public transportation, beautiful landscapes, and a remarkable handling of the pandemic.

    One week is sufficient when Taiwan is small on the map.

    But once you begin planning your trip, you will soon find yourself overwhelmed by options and need help to choose what to do.

    Taiwan Itinerary

    Here’s a 1-week itinerary to Taiwan that will take you to the best of Taiwan’s cultural, historical, artistic, culinary, and scenic wonders.

    After more than ten years of living and traveling in Taiwan, this is the route I have mastered.

    You’ll enjoy the steaming hot thermal waters at Beitou Hot Spring and the spectacular sunrise over a sea of cloudy skies at Alishan National Scenic Area. It will be the trip of your dreams!

    Highlights of Taiwan’s Itinerary

    This one-week Taiwan itinerary assumes that you will have seven work days.

    • Days 1 and 2 are spent in Taipei City’s enchanting capital. Day 3 is a multi-stop day trip from Taipei.
    • Day 4 is artsy Taichung.
    • You’ll then travel to the stunning Sun Moon Lake on Day 5.
    • On days 6 and 7, we continue to Alishan, a misty mountain resort.

    You can either circle back to Taipei or go directly to Taoyuan Internation Airport.

    Taipei Itinerary and City Explorations

    Taiwan, welcome! The first day of your stay in Taipei will be spent exploring some of the most important attractions.

    To get around Taipei, you’ll rely entirely on the MRT.

    Make sure you pick up an EasyCard from any MRT station for swiping into and out of public transport. The TWD100 deposit can be refunded at the end.

    Elephant Mountain & Taipei 101

    You don’t have to be afraid if this sounds intimidating. It takes only 20 minutes to reach the top from Xiangshan MRT Station.

    Your jaw will drop when you reach the lookout point. This is where postcards are made, and it’s the best view in Taipei.

    The towering Taipei 101 dominates this view. However, you can also see the neighboring New Taipei City from here.

    Once you have taken enough photos, walk down the mountain to Taipei 101. This was once the tallest skyscraper in the world.

    For an entirely new perspective on Taipei, take the fastest elevator around the planet to the 89 th or 91 _ floor Taipei 101 Observatory.

    The massive blue-and-white monument honors the Republic of China‘s first president (Taiwan’s official title; it’s complicated …)).

    The monument is located in Liberty Square and flanked by the National Concert Hall (the National Theater) and National Theater (the two classic Chinese buildings).

    The Liberty Square Arch is located at the western edge of the square.

    Beitou Hot Spring

    Even if it’s hot (May-September), don’t give up; there is more to it.

    Beitou, Taipei’s only natural hot spring, is also the only one in Taiwan accessible from the metro.

    The Japanese colonial occupation of Taiwan (1895-1945) saw the first development of the hot spring. Today, Beitou still retains a very Japanese feel with historic wooden bathhouses, a Japanese temple, and other landmarks that are reminiscent of this era.

    You can soak in any hot springs facilities, from the budget-friendly Beitou Public Hot Spring to the luxurious, high-end spas.

    Hot spring ramen or hot spring eggs are not to be missed!

    Taipei Cool Neighborhoods And Attractions

    Taipei has a lot more to offer than you can see. On day two, you’ll complete your Taipei experience with cool neighborhoods and cultural attractions.

    Longshan Temple

    For serious temple enthusiasts, there are other historical temples in Wanhua, such as Qingshan Temple, Qingshui Temple, and Taipei Tianhou Temple.

    North Gate & Dihua Street

    Take the MRT to Longshan Temple station and then to Beimen (North Gate). You can take a moment to appreciate the beauty of Taipei City’s only five original historic gates.

    You can walk just a few blocks to Dihua Street, in historic Dadaocheng. This street is believed to be Taipei’s oldest and continues to be a hub for traditional goods trade, much like when Taipei was founded.

    Explore the entire street to discover ancient teashops and traditional Chinese medicine dispensers. Also, explore fabric markets and temples.

    Raohe Night Market

    Tourists often go to Shilin Night Market in Taipei, Taipei’s biggest and most well-known. But Raohe Night Market is smaller and more local.

    Enjoy all the fantastic food, including some stalls featured in the Michelin Taipei Guide. Also, be sure to visit Songshan Ciyou Temple near the eastern entrance of the night market. This temple is one of the most intricate and beautiful in Taipei.

    Markets are best visited before the evening gets too busy.

    Epic Day Trip from Taipei

    Taipei is home to a wide range of activities, sights, and endless day trips. This article will show you how to combine four famous companies and activities in one day from Taipei.

    Take the TRA train to Taipei Main Station and Ruifang. From Ruifang, take the small-gauge Pingxi Line towards Shifen.

    Many people like to light up sky lanterns from narrow stations and write their wishes on them. It’s only a short walk from there to the waterfall.

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