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  • Sorrento Hotels – A Peek Into The Real Italy

    Millions of tourists visit Italy each year and are thrilled to see the projected beauty that the Italian Government wants the world to see. If you were one of those tourists, most likely you were dazzled by the passionate setting and exceedingly scenic beauty of Italy. The only logical conclusion you could draw was that Italy is indeed one of the most romantic destinations of Europe. And you would be absolutely correct.

    The Sorrento Hotels – Uncovering The Different Nuances Of Italy

    Have you seen Naples? If you did, I am sure you would find it entirely mesmerizing. If you like to extend this feeling a little, head to the Bay and discover Sorrento. This is one place where service and hospitality have reached the level of an art.

    If you are looking for comfort and hospitality, you will find it in abundance at the Sorrento Hotels. Actually, you will often be taken by surprise by the excellent and incredible customization of the service you will receive from the Sorrento Hotels. Sometimes, the difference between the modernization of Naples and the ethnicity of Sorrento can be very glaring. If you are looking to enjoy some hustling and bustling, then Naples is the place to be, but for a peaceful and laid back experience, get ready to discover Sorento. This ambiance is quietly absorbed in the overall character of all the Sorrento Hotels making your stay an exception to the usual norms.

    Touring The Amalfi Coast

    Once you are in Sorrento, you should not miss the mini tour to the Amalfi Coast. The trip itself can be something you will dream about for long time after. There is a sheer drop on either sides of the road of about 500 feet right to the sea level, which makes this trip so special. If you are of weak heart, you are definitely warned not to take this trip.

    This trip is filled with exciting details but the best part of the trip is the stunning peppering of hotels and human dwellings on either side of the hill. It’s sim0ply amazing. Though the land has a million levels, houses are comfortably erected giving the area an eerie look. This road and its destination are so popular that the Italian Government is forced to regulate the traffic to avoid jams. This too, is done through a unique solution. How? The procedure is that a distinction is made between vehicles with even (last number) license plates and odd ones. One day only vehicles with even license plate numbers are allowed to pass and on other days only the odd numbered ones.

    Do not be tempted to stop by any hotels you find on the roadsides. Nothing can be compared with the excellent service that you get in Sorrento Hotels. Everything else pales in its comparison. Be sure to enjoy the ride and then return to a warm haven at your Sorrento Hotel full of memories of what will no doubt be a much better idea of the “real” Italy.

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