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  • North Wales: Available Attractions

    Generally, when Wales is mentioned, misconception ideas only recognise mountains, hills, green and seeing fields of sheep as attraction areas. However, although this still applies, the diversity of what is on offer is so much more widespread. That is, whatever your interest, Wales probably has it. Motor sports, family parks, art galleries, museums, marine aquariums among others are known throughout Wales.

    Importantly, given the diversity of attractions on offer, it is therefore available to anyone, young or old, with just about any interest imaginable.

    North Wales includes areas such as; Snowdonia, Borderlands, Anglesey and Costal. Within these areas, and predominantly across the coastline, Aberystwyth and Rhyl contain a few steam train attractions that provide there own style and functionalises, applicable to anyone who has an avid interest for traditional steam trains. What makes North Wales so appealing is the quality and diversity of attractions within a particular category. For example, if you where to visit a museum; military, Victorian and dark age stages within history dominate the regions.

    Marine centres provides a different option which can generate massive demand all year round, from all ages. Anglesey Sea Zoo is a recommended choice. In fact, it is Wales largest marine aquarium, nearby the Menai Strait shores. 50 species occupy this large facility, offering a wide selection of complex creatures.

    Another option, however, for those whose preference is to be in a more active arena by either taking part or watching motor sport. Anglesey and Deeside are the recommended places to visit for this particular activity. Regarding Anglesey, it provides a Circuit/Trac Mon track, catering from many high class racing events within the racing schedule.

    Deeside, however, offers a hands on experience by providing one of the largest indoor go-karting venues in the North West. It is based within Chester, on the Welsh border. This is an ideal port of call simply because you can vary your type of race, depending on time, intensity and general preference.

    Picking and choosing your ideal place should be easy, irrespective of your own interests which are individual to you. A perfect example can relate to you being able to choose an attraction that is not only available, but one that is the best of its kind, providing diverse options.

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