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    I could improve at taking pictures. This doesn’t mean my photos aren’t good (though there’s some debate on the subject!). However, I often do not remember to snap photographs for this blog every time I travel.

    I’ve been getting better over the last few times (thanks to my team members here who keep keeping me on track). This means that I often take lots of pictures — pictures of myself on social media for my accounts, photographs, monuments, and landscapes to use on the blog, menus so I can change pricing on my blog, and everything else in between.

    I sorted through all my photographs in 2022. It took me two months of sorting them and organizing them in folders, segregating them according to date and destination, and getting rid of duplicates and ones I didn’t want.

    Mylio Photos is an app that allows you to save, archive, edit, organize,, and safeguard all of your photos from travel, along with essential documents like visas, passports, or scans. It’s relatively new, and I’d instead have discovered it sooner, as it could have saved me lots of time. However, hopefully, it can help you!

    What is Mylio Photos?

    Mylio Pictures is an application that transforms your computer, phone, tablet, or other storage device into a simple and powerful tool for managing the accumulation of your memories for the rest of your life.

    Through it, all your photos and videos from any source are compiled into a single library accessible across all of your devices.

    Did you snap photos in Paris with your iPhone, but the videos were on your iPad? Thanks to Mylio Photos, they will automatically transfer to your laptop, which means you don’t need to move them. Every photo is accessible across all devices—every day.

    Most travelers (including me until recently) do not have a system to organize their images or protect them from malfunction or theft. We share photos and pictures on social media and then put the rest on a drive or the cloud.

    This is why many people struggle to find specific images and are forced to search through various folders for the required photo. I’m unable to count the times I’ve sifted through folders in search of the image I wanted but found nothing.

    Why Use Mylio Photos?

    Through Mylio Photos, users can turn their mobile phones, computers, and storage devices into a safe, secure library of videos, photos, and other important files. Travelers can seamlessly connect Android, iOS, Windows, and MacOS devices, connect cloud storage, and backup photos and videos from Facebook and Instagram.

    In the simplest terms, here’s what Mylio Photos can do for you:

    Collect The app collects all images and videos into a stunning collection of photos and videos, including those from before “the iPhone era.”

    Select Cleans your library, removes duplicates within seconds, Tags people, and adds dates and locations. Only keep the images you require and wish to save.

    Protect The program automatically backs everything to your devices. If you integrate cloud-based storage (like Google Drive), Mylio Photos will encrypt everything so that your data remains in your possession and is not transferred to “Big Brother.”

    Access Whatever device you use Updates are automatically synchronized to reflect changes in real-time.

    Most importantly, images and videos are saved on every device and aren’t “kept hostage” in the cloud. Mylio Photos shrinks raw photos to less than 5 percent of their original file size, meaning your laptop, tablet, or phone won’t be filled with files while providing full editing options if you want to alter or edit the photos or videos. (The application protects and saves the originals for use when you require them. All of it is automatic and requires minimal effort).

    If you require additional storage, You can also connect Mylio Photo to cloud storage or to an actual hard drive to provide extra storage.

    Since the app stores everything on your device, the cost doesn’t go higher when users connect additional files or devices.

    Furthermore, you can save PDFs and eBooks within your account, which allows you to read offline whenever you want to. This is ideal for long flights or journeys to places where Wi-Fi might not be reliable.

    How Mylio Photos Works

    After you have signed up for your account on, you can download the app to the device(s). This is what the dashboard looks like:

    You can then begin to dump into your pictures. Drag and drop. It’s straightforward:

    Here’s a look at a couple of images I’ve added to the app so far. The app organizes them automatically by the date:

    Although you can organize things in albums and folders, The main view of the calendar will arrange everything by date, which means you can view precisely when your photos were taken.

    This is particularly useful If you don’t know the exact location you were in for portions of your travels. The ability to manually tag old photos that aren’t automatically added.

    If you want to alter photos before sharing the images, you can edit pictures directly from the application:

    Since all your photos are connected, if you edit one on your desktop, you can also have it altered on tablets or mobile phones. All of them are linked!

    While Mylio Photos is great for photos, you can other documents, for example, images of passports, visa papers as well, train tickets, and much more, to ensure that your essential travel documents are safe and accessible on any device.

    Mylio Photos has facial recognition also, and once you’ve been tagged a couple of times, the feature will kick in and lets you sort and search for photos by individual — not just by date or place.

    I once tagged myself, and it flagged more than a hundred of my photos in them. If you travel with family or friends frequently, this makes the process of sorting (and finding) photos much simpler because you search for “mom” or “dad,” and all images that are tagged with these words will appear.

    Who is Mylio Photos For?

    The Mylio Photo app is the best choice for those who take a lot of photos, including professionals who travel. The security, along with accessibility capabilities, makes this an easy choice for those who work on several devices. Sharing on social networks is effortless too.

    Even when you’re just an average person who travels, Mylio Photos can help you sort, save and arrange your pictures. Calendar and map view options make sharing and locating the photos easy.

    In addition, since it’s less expensive than cloud services such as Dropbox, You’ll get tons of value for your cost!

    If you frequently travel and enjoy taking pictures, Mylio Photos is an application worth downloading!

    It’s never been simpler to capture stunning photos of your adventures, allowing you to record and save unforgettable memories from all over the globe.

    It’s also never more time-consuming to save them and arrange them safely.

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