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    It wasn’t what we had in mind when we began. I’m not sure what we thought of. We knew that,  somehow, we’d be able to transform our love of travel into an entire lifestyle that would help others do similar things.

    A few days ago, we discussed the essential highlights of turning points, challenges, and adversities we’ve encountered in the last decade of blogging about travel.

    In this blog, we’ll share 10 of the most important lessons we’ve learned and what we’d have done differently. You’ll find plenty of wisdom in our previous post. Make sure you check it out as well.

    These lessons aren’t limited only to travel blogging. They can be applied to any venture or goal you’d like to achieve.

    These universal rules help me in all aspects of my life.

    Ten Years of Travel Blogs The Highs and Lows (and lessons learned)6415 strategies to build influential travel blog407 essential factors to keep in mind when you are making your blog business

    Less About What You Do, But Who You Are

    I am my business. I am at the heart of my work. Self-development is, therefore, on my Daily Agenda.

    I’m not awash with fairy dust regarding ability, talent, and imagination. I’m not sure what I’m doing most of the time, so I’m throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks.

    Our strategy evolves constantly, our execution can be unorganized, and our social media channel’s growth and engagement frequently appear to be messy.

    I believe that success is not about everything else. Of course, it’s all important, but you’re more likely to be successful according to the person you are. Our greatest strength is continuous and unending growth.

    This is the reason why you may frequently fail but still achieve.

    If one thing that has been highly successful for us goes away, a new one will soon follow to keep us on the same level or even better.

    It’s incredible how this happens, and it makes me believe in the process and continue to work on bringing myself up to become the best I can be.

    If my company has a problem, I look to the source, not around.

    What do I haven’t done? What could I do better? What am I scared of? Why am I putting off my decision? Why am I restraining myself? What are my blockages?

    The past couple of months have brought a lot of surprises to our company.

    The first is the Nov. Google algorithm update that negatively affected our website traffic. And the latest issue is this economic and health pandemic virus, which I call Rona.

    These are all situations that are outside my control. The only thing I can determine is my actions and my actions.

    Do I collapse in an avalanche and give up? Or, do I continue to the pieces, improve, and develop to become something more?

    I did throw one Pity celebration for a couple of months (an essential task), after which I began to get myself in shape.

    I discovered several areas where I’d been a bit lazy and had slipped up. I’ve spent the last few months improving myself and injecting fresh energy into our work. We hope to reap the rewards of this shortly.

    Change can take time. However, you can start today.

    My years of self-development have taught me that I’m capable of solving problems and overcoming my obstacles.

    This doesn’t mean that it won’t be a struggle and there won’t be many tears shed, but it’s just a sign of “I’ve got this,” and it will lead to something better from it.

    Building Relationships is Key

    Thanks to our travel experiences, we have shown the world that humans are great with amazing stories to share, and I would love to hear their stories.

    This is why I love networking and socializing.

    I’m not afraid to interact with new people and establish connections. This has made building relationships a fun and accessible aspect of our business and has proved to be very productive.

    Our success comes from trying to be connected with a soul first and not connecting only to gain something from it for us.

    The fact is that transparency doesn’t create longevity.

    We’ve had great long-term relationships over the years and have earned ourselves an impressive reputation that allows us to get fantastic recommendations and testimonials for the next person we’d like to collaborate with.

    We have had numerous opportunities open up to us due to our relationships, and we’ve formed incredible friendships with other bloggers from the travel industry (and other areas) who have always been a source of encouragement and inspiration, as well as connections and knowledge that helps us remain motivated and on the right track.

    Rona is educating us about how important connecting to others is. The Travel blog has given us these connections.

    Work With the Right Partners

    We’ve all made mistakes, just like anyone else.

    You are only aware of what you already know. The most efficient way to get better is to be amid poor decisions or unlucky situations.

    Through the years, we grew, and we had more options to say no to things that were not right. Then we realized this gave more space for the right people to show up.

    Fortunately, our errors have been a few.

    We’ve been so lucky to work with notable companies and destinations for tourism that reflect our ideals and travel narrative.

    They let us create content that fits how we travel and communicate, connect with our readers, and weave messages that match it.

    We have made this the condition for working with us.

    They’ve allowed us to continue providing you with enthralling and valuable content. We are aware of that, as you keep telling us – so we thank you for your feedback. It helps us keep up!

    We’ve learned that long-term relationships are the most effective way to work with us.

    We’re incredibly grateful for doing this in the past through Nissan, Ford, PrAna, Tourism Queensland, and, most recently, Allianz TravelWe have found them to be our ideal partners.

    They treat us like a family and honestly care about you. They give us the ability to provide you with the complete information that we can and be with you on our journey.

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