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    I’m known for a few things amongst those who know me well, and, while some of them aren’t exactly ‘share worthy’ others are. One of those being how much I love my bed. Now, it’s not necessarily because I like to sleep all the time (get your mind out of that gutter – but yes, also that) but just being in bed makes me happy. Fluffy duvets, big, squishy pillows, cotton duvet covers, magazines, Instagram, Netflix – all those things coupled with being hidden away from the world = happy Kate. So when I was invited by TEMPUR to visit Taplow House in Windsor to see if they could provide the best nights sleep ever, I was hardly going to say no now, was I! We arrived just after 2pm, driving into a gated car park which protected a stunning building. I love old architecture and the history surrounding them, anything that has a past intrigues me, Taplow House as it stands was built in 1751, altered in 1800 and again around 1840.

    Although earlier records are vague, whatever was around before it was completely burnt down in about 1660. The cellars still bear scorch marks from that fire. After checking in, we were shown to our room, which consisted of a gorgeous bed, flat screen tv, stunning views over the grounds and a lovely luxury bathroom. At this point, like any sensible, weary parents, who have either worked all week or battled their way through Easter half term, we decided to lay down on the bed with a cup of tea. Oh yeah, we are proper rock and roll us two. Once we had rested, had a flick through the TV channels (who knew there were TV’s out there that didn’t include kids channels…?) and chatted to each other without interruption, I did what any normal woman would do.

    I ran an afternoon bath. Now, that’s probably one of the other things I’m known for, I love a bath. Unfortunately, our house owns a bath designed for children, or, very, very small people. You have to make a decision when getting into our bath, do you want your legs under the water, or your upper body. You cannot have both. Choose wisely. Anyway. The bath didn’t disappoint, it wasn’t overly big but it was deep enough to soak away a good 40 minutes. We decided we didn’t want to eat at the hotel, as we wanted to explore Windsor, so we made our way into town and had a wander, eventually ending up in one of my favourite places, Wagamama. Yum. Of course, in true British style, it began to chuck it down so we decided to make our way back to our room, and enjoy the chance to just relax.

    And a bit of room service naturally.

    Now, I was trying to think of ways to describe the mattress without using the same words over and over again. TEMPUR mattresses conform and adapt to the exact shape of your body and support you in a way that makes you feel weightless. The TEMPUR story began when NASA developed a pressure absorbing material to support astronauts during the strain of lift-off. So if that is comfortable, I don’t know what is. The man definitely found the mattress to his liking. I’m assuming this due the INCREDIBLE levels of noise coming from him during the night. I had the window open because it was so warm in the room, which kind of makes me think Windsor is a little confused at the noises it heard Saturday night. I must admit I woke up feeling like I’d slept well, kind of foggy headed, like I’d been asleep for 17 hours, feeling. We headed down for breakfast (always a sign of a good hotel is when you get a good breakfast) then we made our way home, back to the little darlings that were missing us, to get ready for another week.

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