Kauai Safety Tips For All Types Of Vacations

When it comes to tourist attractions, few islands match Hawaii which has a good number of sights like beaches, diving areas and botanical gardens. When traveling to Kauai, safety tips like these ones will guarantee that your trip in premium taxi Melbourne is worth the investment in time and money.

Safety Precautions For The Beach

Kauai is located at 22 degrees latitude which is very close to the equator so it gets more direct sunlight compared to other islands in the Pacific. You will want to stay in a shady place or avoid the sun all together between 11 am and 2 pm should you plan your vacation to Kauai in the summer.

Beaches in the southern and eastern shores are cooler. Still, you will need waterproof sunscreen or sunblock, with an SPF no lower than 15, or maybe 30 or greater. Wear a wide brim hat or bring an umbrella. Drink lots of water to prevent sunstroke and dehydration. Sunbathing is recommended only between 8 to 10 am and 3 to 5 pm.

Always be on the lookout for warning signs, rules and regulations. The top beaches in the area have restrooms, designated picnic spots and of course, lifeguards. But be sure you know where the nearest medical facility is should an accident happen in the open shores, which usually do not have any of the above present.

If you’re traveling to the wild beaches, let another person, or people know. Observe the beach as well as the water. Large waves make for good surfing, but could also be dangerous if you’re surfing near the rockier areas. Currents could become stronger because of powerful winds in the area. It makes sense to get information about the current tide and/or drop offs.

In specific, the tide may be different in certain seasons or times of the day. People are recommended to stay out of the water before it gets dark. Snorkelers, surfers and scuba divers should always enter the water in pairs. Children should always be supervised by an adult. Heed warning signs and watch out for the presence of other marine species like seals, crabs, jellyfish and sharks.

Forest Travel Safety

Here are some Kauai safety guidelines for forest travel.

A bottle of mosquito repellent would be necessary for hiking and similar activities. Bring a jug or bottle of water as the water in streams and ponds isn’t always clean. To avoid injuries, poisoning and other emergencies, don’t stray away from the trail and follow all known hiking rules – the forests of Kauai have many wild animals and dangerous plants.

We strongly advice you to travel in pairs or in a large party to ensure safety from potential danger. If worst may come to worst, most tourist attractions have their own safety personnel.

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