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    She said, “Your job sounds like the best in the world.” We’ll call her Jessica since I didn’t know her name. She was standing outside a bar in Boston when she overheard me talking to some old friends.

    My friend replied, “He has the best job,”

    “So, can I get to Ireland for a cheap price?” “I really want to go.”

    “Sure,” I responded. “Tell us about your trip.”

    When asked about these topics, I usually discuss my travel guides section and hand over my business card. Then I tell the person to send me an email. I don’t want to become a travel agent in my spare time.

    However, at the moment, I was not bothered.

    “My boyfriend and i want to travel to Ireland during the summer. But we don’t know how we can afford it.”

    “Well, you should go home and sign up for a travel credit card. This will give you at least 50,000 miles as a sign-up bonus. This is enough to get you a free flight. That’s it.

    “Wait! Sign up for a credit card, and you get miles! Jessica stated, “Really?”

    “Yeah. I have used these bonuses to earn over 400,000 miles on American Airlines.” “I fly first class with no miles every time.” I replied.

    Jessica was astonished at the amount of travel I had done as we continued our conversation.

    She said, “You either get rich or paid a lot.”

    I said, “Nope,” to her. All you need is $50 per day. That works out to $18,000 annually.

    “Oh, that’s way too much money. She said, “I don’t have that.”

    I helped her break it down and asked her to think about her expenses and spending habits. She soon realized she spends a lot less for the same amount each year.

    “Wow! “I never thought of it that way,” Jessica, who was astonished, told me.

    I handed my card to the girl and wished her all the best. I watched her walk away and told my friends that she would never visit Ireland.

    Years of speaking with people about travel have taught me to tell if they are serious. My friend was serious when he wrote down the names of companies and websites while drinking beer. Jessica? She won’t be going to Ireland anytime soon with her boyfriend.

    She was not ready to use the money-saving tips I had given her.

    She is trapped by the belief that “travel is costly.” I could see in her eyes that she didn’t truly believe what I was saying to her.

    The travel industry is a sham. You will see ads such as these:

    These ads promote the notion that travelling is a luxury escape from the mundane nature of life. To get to the fun and exciting places, you have to pay. Even though it’s a little evil, it’s great marketing.

    Magazines feature high-priced ads for resorts and tours. Even “deals” in budget magazines can cost $150 per night.

    That doesn’t seem like a budget to me; I don’t know what it is about you! This industry has joined forces to promote the idea that travel is expensive and can only be afforded rarely.

    We are so engulfed by these advertisements that we believe them to be the norm. We think that this is the amount you should spend on travel. You might find a better deal one day, but it’s still thousands to even take a short trip to Ireland.

    They are impossible to believe, no matter how many travel tips I share. Jessica may be curious and interested, but she won’t commit.

    Because I cannot break through the weight of all, she has learned over the years. To her, it seems too unbelievable. It cannot be real. And if it is, it would not be possible for most people.

    People prefer the path of least resistance. My way is more difficult. You must be your travel agent. It is a lot harder work. I spend hours researching and booking flights.

    Do you know what’s simpler? You can start your trip by going online, choosing the best deal, packing and then setting off. The most popular route is the one that’s least travelled.

    Second, there is no reference point. My way is unfamiliar to most people. I am just a stranger riding the bus. Jessica will be sceptical of my argument, even if it is logical, because she doesn’t have proof that this works. Jessica could think I was selling a Ponzi scheme. Because everyone travels the easy way, Jessica knows it and understands it. She’ll also do it because she can.

    But what about the girl who took notes! Because I am a friend of another friend, I have trust built in. My friend has stood by me and my methods. She is more likely to look up my words, visit my site, and book a vacation using my methods.

    These barriers are unlikely to exist if you are already on this website. Why is there a “featured in” section on my homepage that lists publications I’ve been featured in? People can see that I have been trusted. Trust is essential in this age of anonymous Internet sites. Jessica doesn’t have any reason to doubt me. But she also has no reason not to believe me.

    If you’re from Europe, Australia, CanadaNew Zealand, or another country that allows people to travel, then you probably know people who have.

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