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  • How to Write Travel Blog Posts 13 Tips from One Trip

    How to write Travel Blog Posts about a single trip 13 Tips and Examples

    Do you want to know how to make a lot of content in just one visit?

    Here are 13 blog posts on travel ideas that you can use to write about every place you go to!

    For a travel-related blogger, it isn’t easy to write content when you’re not traveling frequently. However, even if you make a handful of trips a year, these tips will ensure to ensure that you have plenty of blog content!

    How to Start a Travel Blog

    If you’ve not started an online travel journal at the moment, go through this article for a step-by-step tutorial to help you get started: How to create a Travel Blog for beginners.

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    Tips for Your Trip

    While you’re on the road, Here are a few tips that you could do in order to ensure posting blogs about your trip will be an easy task when you return home:

    Make blog ideas before you start so you’re aware of the type of content you will need when you’re actually on the road.

    Make sure to take photos of everything (you don’t think about when a picture could be helpful for writing a blog post).

    Note down your journey in detail, whether you keep an everyday travel journal or jot down useful notes on your smartphone while you travel.

    The more well-prepared you are, the more comfortable you are to write blog posts once you are back home!


    The first blog article you write about your travels is a guide to your itinerary!

    It doesn’t matter if it’s a brief Weekend guide to your destination or a comprehensive week-long itinerary to your destination; make a list of what you’ll do and where to stay, and so on. to ensure you get the most out of your vacation.

    It is possible to get more blog posts from this one by writing an itinerary of various durations… and you can mix several plans into a single blog post.

    Ultimate Guide

    Another option is to write an ultimate guideline for a particular destination.

    It’s exactly what it says: A detailed blog article that covers all aspects of a place, including how to get there, what to do, where to stay and the best things to do there, the best places to eat, as well as what you should pack specific suggestions you learned while there and more.

    Where to Eat

    The public is always searching for the most reputable places to eat when visiting an area. If you’ve had the pleasure of trying a variety of excellent cafes and restaurants on your trip, make a note about these!

    There are other ways to add a twist to this, such as the top restaurant for vegetarians or gluten-free eating guide.

    Where to Stay

    Another suggestion is to create a list of the best hotels to stay in a specific location.

    It is possible to create multiple blog posts using this (for instance, you could write guides to boutique hotels, followed by a guide to affordable accommodations) or mix them into a single direction to a specific place to visit. This is an excellent way to incorporate hotel affiliate links.

    Packing Guide

    The packing guides for destinations can be extremely helpful to travelers!

    It is especially important to choose an approach that focuses on the most frequently forgotten items to carry or the items you should pack for a particular season. This is a blog post topic idea that you can easily include Affiliate links that are to Amazon or other merchants for the travel equipment you suggest packing.

    Travel Tips

    I’ve learned several useful tips prior to traveling to a new destination by reading blogs prior to visiting. Some of these tips are very useful and allow me to get a unique experience when traveling or avoiding the same mistake in an area!

    You can combine all your top travel tips to help you plan your trip into a single blog article.

    What Not to Do

    In the same vein, as previously mentioned, you could create a blog post that shares specific guidelines on the things to avoid when visiting the destination or about the most common mistakes travelers make to prevent.

    These kinds of posts are well-liked because people aren’t looking to make mistakes in their journey!


    Blog posts with inspirational content can be a fantastic way to inspire others to go to a place!

    It could be anything from a “listicle” type blog post on the top reasons to visit a place or a collection of stunning images that showcase the splendor of a home.

    How to Guide

    Did you come up with a way to accomplish something during your trip that you thought other travelers would find interesting?

    This could include anything from how to travel from one location to another, how to plan an excursion for a day to the same place, how to make sure you have an unforgettable experience, etc.

    Specific Places

    Another option is to write guides to specific areas within a particular destination.

    It could mean anything like museums or street art, bookshops, beautiful viewpoints, coffee shops, and more. There are many possibilities for this!

    Hotel Review

    I don’t write a lot of reviews of hotels on this blog; however, some bloggers believe they can be profitable (you could include the hotel affiliate link in your blog article.)

    If you enjoyed the place you stayed, make a note of it!


    Everyone is looking for authentic, personal reviews from other travelers.

    Did you participate in a particular event or experience that you had on your excursion? Make a detailed report of it! It can contain the pros and cons of your trip, useful details, prices, and more. To assist fellow travelers.

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