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  • How to Save Money at Disney World

    How to Save Money at Disney World

    This post will discuss how you can make money at Disney World. Going to Disney World can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to cost much money. There are a myriad of ways to save money on your vacation.

    Here are ten ways you can save cash when you go to Disney World:

    Take advantage of your Chase Disney Visa card

    The Chase Disney Visa credit card is a great option and extremely useful to carry for Disney excursions. When you have spent $500 on this card, you’ll receive a complimentary 200 Disney gift card. If you purchase this card for the trip, you’ll be eligible to use that $200 gift card toward park tickets. Also, you get discounts of 10% at the majority of stores and restaurants in Disney World, and you will receive 1 % Disney Reward Dollars back on every purchase. There’s no annual cost with this card.

    Traveling during off-seasons

    School breaks, holidays, and summer holidays are very popular (and costly) occasions to go to Disney World. Traveling during the swing season will save money and avoid the huge crowds. I suggest following the Disney crowd schedule to determine the most suitable time to plan your trip.

    Generally, late January, early February, and the last few days of September are excellent times to visit the parks.

    Use a travel agent

    Disney pays its travel professionals, meaning you are not charged to consult with them. Contacting a Disney Travel Agent is the best way to get information about special offers you won’t get. It’s also a good idea for those making their first visit to Disney World and needing assistance planning your trip.

    Take care of your Disney essentials in advance

    I’ve made a list of packing items that are the most frequently forgotten items to bring to Disney World, which will make a difference in time and money! Certain items, such as rain jackets or portable cell phone chargers, can cost you a lot at the theme parks, and you’ll surely wish you had brought them from home.

    Also, it would be best to look up the weather forecast before traveling. Many people imagine Florida as sunny and warm all year round, but it can get freezing during winter. And you don’t want to be forced to buy a $60 sweatshirt at the parks since you’ve only packed shorts and T-shirts!

    Take your food to the parks

    You are allowed to bring food and drinks to the parks, so I suggest packing drinks, snacks, and drinks. For enjoyment all day long. The Disney hack can make you significant cash, given the price of food options inside the parks.

    I’ve even seen families pack their picnic lunches to eat instead of dining at one of the nearby park eateries. It’s OK to do this if you’re looking to save money.

    You can order from the children’s menu

    I am astonished that more people don’t use this method. It’s among my top strategies to save money. At most Disney restaurants, you can find children’s meals that are pretty full and less expensive than the adult equivalent. Choose a meal for kids and save money!

    For instance, at Pinocchio Village House located in Pinocchio Village Haus in the Magic Kingdom, you can buy the cheese pizza flatbread priced at $10.49. However, for $6.49 on the kid’s menu, you’ll purchase the (more minor but still decently sized) flatbread with cheese pizza, two other items, and one small beverage! It is possible to buy two children’s food items and be better off purchasing just one adult meal.

    Don’t purchase bottled water. Use your water bottle to refill it instead

    The cost of paying $3.50 for an ounce of water is among the biggest squanders of money you can find! In the Orlando hot weather, you’ll surely want to stay hydrated. A cost-effective solution is to take your bottle of water to replenish it. I love this bottle for filtering.

    You can also visit any fast-service restaurant, and they’ll allow you to drink a cup of water for free.

    Do not buy souvenirs

    On my last trip to Disney World, I noticed many people in adorable Disney clothing and other accessories they’d purchased from Etsy and Amazon.

    There are a variety of Disney souvenirs at a lower cost on the internet than in the parks. You can also purchase items such as Disney album photo books, characters, autobiographies, etc., in advance and save money than buying them at the parks.

    Don’t get park-hopper tickets

    Disney provides the one-park per day ticket as well as park-hopper tickets. One park-per-day tickets are precisely as they sound. They permit users to visit one Disney theme park for one day.

    For instance, you can go to only Magic Kingdom or Epcot within a day. Park-hopper tickets let you “hop” between parks in one day. You could go to the Magic Kingdom in the morning and head to Epcot later in the day using the park-hopper ticket.

    If you’re not keen on visiting multiple parks in one day, the single park-per-day tickets can cost you less.

    For example, if you wanted to go on all day in every Disney park and you had four days to go, one park-per-day ticket is around $430. If you were to spend four days with the park-hopper ticket, the price would be around $500. So, if getting park-hopper tickets is not an issue for you, it is an excellent method to save cash.

    Purchase an annual pass for the year

    Generally, an annual pass is worthwhile if there are more than 11 days in the parks for a single year. This is like an amount, but, as I’ve seen, most international visitors will go to Disney World for two weeks. Some families take two trips to Disney each year, making it easy to add up.

    Annual passes include many benefits, including unlimited free pictures and free parking. Discounts at a variety of restaurants and retail stores within the parks.

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