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  • Five Unique Travel Experiences in Warsaw

    Warsaw is a popular destination. The City of Chopin is full of creative energy and intriguing cultural happenings. Some bars double up as art galleries.

    Warsaw is the capital city of Poland and is the eighth-most populated city in the European Union. The bridge between eastern and western Europe is the centre of clashing cultures. Warsaw was called Paris of the East before World War 2 and was destroyed during the war, but the city rose from the ashes. 

    However, if you are looking for traditional charm and medieval cuteness in Poland, you should look elsewhere. The forward-thinking capital of Poland, with its turbulent history and remarkable ability to reinvent itself, is pointing in a different direction.

    These 5 experiences will allow you to discover Warsaw’s rich history and infinitely creative spirit.

    Visit the Quirky Neon Museum

    Warsaw’s Muzeum Neo now is a unique European attraction. It showcases the city’s design history since the cold war. The museum houses a great collection of neon signs. Many of them are iconic and were designed by some of Poland’s most prominent artists. The museum is located in the Soho Factory in Praga’s cool art and culture district.

    The World’s Narrowest House

    Keret House is a bridge between two buildings from different epochs, a prewar house and an apartment building made of concrete. It somehow connects Warsaw’s past with the present.

    Jakub Szczesny, a Polish architect, came up with an innovative solution to what appeared to be an impossible task. He built the house that is still the world’s smallest, two-level modern home with all the amenities of a home, including a 35-inch wide living space, a tiny kitchenette and a small bed.

    Keret House serves as a temporary residence and program for visiting artists.

    You can sleep in a themed hostel room.

    Oki Doki is Warsaw’s first hostel of art and one among the top in its class. It offers affordable accommodation in central Warsaw. You can meet fellow backpackers, enjoy cheap beer, and stay in dorms designed by upcoming and well-known artists.

    There are many options for accommodations, both in size and design. One room is white with black handprints. Another is filled with Beatles memorabilia. Yet another is inspired by communism. There are 37 of these creative sleeping areas, each with its own story. You need to think of one it will be a perfect fit for your bedroom.

    Enjoy a drink at Europe’s Most High-End Hotel Bar.

    The swanky Panorama Bar & Lounge are located on the 40th Floor of the Warsaw Marriott Hotel. They are Europe’s highest hotel bars. It is still a wonderful spot to enjoy delicious evening cocktails while enjoying the stunning views of Warsaw. The bar offers drinks and lives DJ entertainment and light snacks.

    Enjoy a Unique Cinematic Experience

    All cinephiles, please! After a huge renovation, Warsaw’s Kino Iluzjon has reopened. This original art-house cinema, home to the Polish National Film Archive (Polish National Film Archive), is a must-see for any visitor to Warsaw. It offers many pleasant surprises, including silent movies and live classical music and a film museum.

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