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  • Fido Can Travel in Style

    Many people look forward to spending their holidays enjoying nature and outdoor recreation… and
    they’re interested in including their furry companions in their plans, too. It’s not uncommon these days to
    see travellers with a pet in tow, and a bag filled with “pet stuff” to keep him happy and occupied.

    “The pet product industry has recognized that people have an interest in being active with their pets. They’ve come up with all sorts of products that are convenient for pet owners while also allowing pets to
    travel comfortably and enjoy the outdoors with their people,” says Angela Lynch, founder of the PET
    FRIENDLY Canada Directory and owner of four pets.

    For instance, there are backpacks for active doggies. These lightweight carriers have storage pockets to
    hold food, water, or other gear. For pooches that prefer to have their humans do the work for them, there
    are fanny packs and bottle holders to hold snacks and water for pets. Have a small dog that may tire on
    long hikes? Place your little dog in one of the many types of available pet carriers or slings, and continue
    your hike.

    Collapsible pet travel dishes are becoming better known now, too. These generally fold flat or into a neat
    little packet that you can slip into your pocket or glove compartment, or attach to a belt loop or to your
    dog’s collar. This is an easy, convenient solution for when your pet is hankering for a drink or a snack.
    You simply unfold it when it’s needed and fill it with food or water. When you’re done, rinse it out and put
    it away.

    There are even life jackets for pets. Think that’s weird? Well, you may be even more surprised to find
    that there are reflective vests, strips, and collars to help ensure your pet is visible even in the dark.
    Of course, there are a great many more options for pet owners who want to their pets to have the very
    best in comfort when travelling. Quilted mats, comfy pet beds, booties for rough or unfamiliar terrain, and
    even pet pillows are just a few of the other products available.
    Naturally, pet owners will want to pack all the necessities as well – food and water, leashes, bedding,
    toys, treats, medication, kennel or crate, waste bags, and your pet’s important documentation.

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