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    To ensure you see what you see when visiting Bryce Canyon National Park, you must blink fast. Because of the beautiful combination of fairy chimneys and amphitheaters and beautiful pink-and-orange rock, you will feel like you have traveled to another world. Utah Scenic Byway 12 is where Bryce Canyon National Park is located.

    This highway in Utah will take you to some of the most beautiful landscapes you’ll ever see. This scenic highway is home to some of the most beautiful drives. It takes 2.5 hours to get from Capitol Reef National Park to Bryce Canyon National Park. Bryce Canyon is located right next to Zion National Park. This means that you can combine a visit to Zion and Capital Reef national parks.

    The Best Hikes in Bryce Canyon National Park

    This is due to the unique rock formations found in the park. While most people visit the national park to see the wildlife, forests, and rivers, Bryce Canyon National Park can be a great place to visit for the beautiful pink spyres. It makes you feel like you are a child exploring a pink planet. You can stay in many national parks overnight, but you must get a permit. The park’s visitor center can issue a license. You can take short, easy hikes through the park. Next, we will tell you about the 12 best Bryce Canyon Hikes. For more information on conditions, closures, and permits, visit the Bryce Canyon National Park website.

    Rim Trail

    This hike is great for panoramic views of the entire park. The Rim Trail is a challenging climb with sections of elevation gain of 1754 feet. Looking over the rim can be dangerous. It is a steep descent that requires patience and energy.

    The Rim Trail is approximately 5.5 miles in length. The Rim Trail is an 11-mile hike that will take you to the Bryce Canyon National amphitheater. You can take the park shuttle free to get to the Rim Trail in the summer.

    You can access the Rim Trail from Fairyland Point and Bryce Point. The park’s shuttle can take you there. You will have the best view of the spires, hoodoos, and entire theater from the Rim Trail. You can also take the Queen’s Garden Trail, the Navajo Loop Trail, and the Fairyland Loop trail into the arena.

    If you prefer to avoid hiking alone, you can book a guided walking tour of Bryce Canyon. As a local guide, this tour will take you to the most beautiful viewpoints, slot canyons, and hoodoos.

    Sunrise Point-Sunset Point Trail

    This one-mile hike offers stunning views of Bryce Canyon National Park and is easy to do. From Sunset Point, the trail leads to Sunrise Point. The walk is only 1/2 mile and follows the rim of the garden.

    You will see the canyon from a distance and many hoodoos along the way. You can even time your walk, starting at sunrise and ending at sunset. In the winter, this trail is wheelchair- and paved. You can also take your pet on this trail.

    Are you looking for something new to do in Bryce Canyon? Enjoy a horseback riding tour through Red Canyon. You’ll be able to admire the red rock formations of Losee Canyon and Red Canyon and explore the old hideouts at Butch Cassidy.

    Tower Bridge Trail

    Bryce Canyon hikers love the Tower Bridge trail. It gives you a glimpse of Bryce Park’s varied terrain and is one of the most popular hikes. Sunset Point is the trailhead. From there, you can hike to Trail Bridge. It’s an 8-mile hike so you won’t be going around.

    As you climb the hill in a clockwise fashion, you’ll drop down 950 feet. You may see snakes or other wildlife while hiking on the trail. Hiking boots will make the hike easier for your feet.

    Bryce Point To Sunrise Point

    This hiking trail is the main attraction of Bryce Canyon National Park. The hike is approximately 3.5 miles and will allow you to experience a lot. You can drop off at Bryce Point, then hike up to Sunset Point. Then continue to the Navajo Loop Trail. This trail will take you to the rim.

    You will then be able to descend into Wall Street. Here you’ll finally feel what it feels like for an ant in the space between two sidewalks. You’ll then head to Queen’s Garden Hoodoo, and then you’ll continue to Sunrise Point.

    It is a moderate hike on the Queen’s Garden Navajo Loop. You should be prepared for slippery conditions.

    Queen’s Garden Trail And Navajo Combination Loop

    A 2.9-mile loop is created when the Queen’s Garden, Navajo Trail, and Navajo Trail are combined. The circle has an elevation difference of 629 feet and offers views of some of Bryce Canyon National Park’s most famous points. You can park your car at Sunset Point Parking Lot to complete the Queen’s Garden Navajo Loop. Then, head on the Navajo Trail. Sunrise Point is where you can start the Queen’s Garden Trail.

    It is a great spot to enjoy the sunrise over the park’s hoodoos. If you arrive early enough, you can see the park’s best views. You will head towards Wall Street from the parking lot. This narrow point is located in the canyon.

    You can see Thor’s Hammer from the canyon’s rim. It is a famous hoodoo in the park. The hammer will probably drop at any moment. You can then take the Queen’s Garden section of the loop to see the Queen Victoria Hoodoo. You will also find the Two Bridges Hoodoo.

    Navajo Loop Trail

    You can make the Navajo Loop Trail without adding the Queens Garden Trail. The Navajo Loop Trail runs from the canyon rim to the valley floor and is the best of all the Bryce Canyon hiking trails. This spectacular hike can be reached from Sunset Point. It would help if you went through the slot canyon at Wall Street to get to the Bryce amphitheater floor.

    You’ll be able to see Thor’s Hammer as you descend. Although the trail is approximately 1.4 miles long, it’s steeper than most.

    The trail through the Mossy Caves

    This trail is beautiful and easy. You can access the Mossy Cave Trailhead from 1 mile away. You will follow a stream to reach a cave. You have the option to continue along the creek at one point.

    Continue following the stream until you reach a waterfall. If you turn left, you’ll enter the natural cave. The Mossy Cave Trail is only a short hike. However, it allows you to see the hoodoos up close without descending into the Bryce Canyon National Park amphitheater.


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