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    Did you know that Vietnamese culture has been around for over a century? This remarkable feat has allowed the Vietnamese to have plenty of time and practice their cooking skills. The best Vietnamese food is found in major cities all over the globe.

    We often had difficulty ordering food when we visited Vietnam as we didn’t know the names of the dishes. This list contains the top Vietnamese dishes. We also included recipe links so you can make them at home.

    Traditional Vietnamese Food

    This article will explore 20 of the most popular Vietnamese dishes. This article will allow you to discover each dish’s ingredients, history, and tastes. We’ll start our discussion with Bun Cha, a simple yet flavorful dish.

    Bun Cha (Vietnamese Meat Balls)

    Bun Cha is a Vietnamese tradition that has its roots in Hanoi. It is Vietnam’s capital. You’ve probably seen bun cha everywhere you go in Hanoi if you’ve been there. This traditional Vietnamese dish is still very popular today.

    Bun Cha looks like a plate full of meatballs to the untrained eye. Bun cha tastes very different to any Italian meatballs. Bun chai is mostly made from pork, but it can also contain fish sauce, onions and garlic, sugar, or even caramel sauce.

    Bun cha is unique because it contains sugar and sometimes caramel sauce. Bun cha is often served with vermicelli noodles or rice noodles. You can also add vegetables like lettuce, carrots or herbs.

    Banh Mi (Vietnamese Sandwich)

    Banh Mi could easily be mistakenly thought to be a baguette if it were not for its unique shape. It is much shorter than the traditional French baguette, which is what gives away its origins. It is not accidental that they look similar, as it is the result of French baguettes being introduced to Vietnam in the 1800s.

    The French brought their love for sandwiches to Vietnam along with baguettes. The Vietnamese began to abandon the French’s love of ham and cheese sandwiches. Instead, the Vietnamese added their flavour.

    Banh mi is a popular street food today. These sandwiches can be made with pork, cucumbers or sardines.

    Banh Xeo (Vietnamese Crepes)

    Banh Xeo looks like a pancake, but it is not. It is not fluffy and sweet but made with rice flour and turmeric. The batter is then mixed with water to make a smooth batter.

    Banh Xeo can be described as a savoury dish rather than a sweet one. It’s often served with vegetables like onions and bean sprouts. It is often folded like an omelette and stuffed with vegetables. These will be a hit, especially if you try the recipe.

    Bun Bo Hue (Spicy Beef & Pork Noodle Soup).

    Bun bo hue is the place to go if you’re looking for the best Vietnamese soup. This dish is named after Hue, which is where it was originally made. This soup isn’t for everyone, as it often contains pig knuckles or blood.

    Bun bo hue is a delicious and healthy option. This soup has a wonderful mix of umami flavours, lemongrass, and a spicy kick. Bun bo hue is made with rice noodles, red cabbage, cilantro and basil.

    Pho (Noodle Soup)

    Most likely, you have heard of pho. It is the second most loved soup in Vietnam after bun bo hue. If bun bo hue seems too heavy for you, this soup is a great option.

    Pho can be made with either a beef or chicken base. It also includes rice noodles, which makes it delicious comfort food. It can be very spicy or mild, depending on where you get it.

    Banh Cuon (Rice Rolls)

    Banh Cuon is a roll of fermented rice batter you can’t resist. You get little bits of minced pork and mushrooms wrapped in the rice batter. Because the batter is thin, these rolls must be carefully cooked. They can be steamed briefly and then eaten immediately. These are the perfect recipe to make at your home.

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