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  • Best Travel Planning Tools And Apps

    When it comes to camping trips planning, The Dyrt app is the best. This app offers the most number of campsites than any other resource. All of these sites are located in the USA, with all 50 states represented. Download the app and start searching for the area where you want to camp. Select an area in the country, large or small. You can then set your filters and start browsing the campsites.

    You can find something for everyone: glamping and KOAs, national parks, dispersed camping, national forests, and more. You can use the filters to search for spots that suit your needs. It’s so much fun to use, and it makes planning camping trips so easy. The downloadable topomap option is one of the best features. This allows you plan your travels to your campsite in areas that might not be accessible by cell phone.

    Google Sheets allows you to save your tips and itinerary.

    Google Sheets is a Google equivalent to Excel. It’s easy and free to use. Planning a trip is a process that involves gathering information from many sources. This can lead to some confusion and even the possibility of something being forgotten or lost. It is easy to plan and access all the information you have found by putting it in one sheet.

    You can share the sheet with your friends and collaborate on the plan.

    Each adventure is different so I create new sheets. It’s easy to make a new sheet for each trip. I usually split the sheet into three tabs: itinerary, things/see and sources. It’s also available as an app so you can access it wherever you may be, even without WiFi. You can also move your itinerary around if you don’t have enough time to fit something in one day.

    Look for cheap airline tickets

    The cost of your flight will be the most expensive part of any trip abroad. Having the Hopper app has saved me a lot of time when I was planning a trip in South America . This is the region I write about as a guidebook author/blogger. Hopper works like magic. You just need to enter the dates that you want to fly, or you can choose to set up multiple options. Hopper will then tell you when flight tickets are at their lowest price. This is done by looking at years of historical flight prices and using that data to determine if buying now, three months ahead or three weeks in advance is the best option for you. It can be risky as it uses historical data and not a perfect forecast. It has helped me to score extremely cheap flights to Easter Island and some sweet deals between the UK & Colombia. I use it on every trip.


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