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    Are you looking for Orlando activities? We’ve got you covered. For decades, Orlando has been the destination of choice for our family. Canadians love the sun and theme parks in this city in central Florida.

    Many people make Orlando their base, or at the very least spend a few days there each trip. This allows them to see all that Orlando has to offer. Snowbirds now see a future where they can cross the border to escape cold. Let’s look at the top Orlando attractions to help you choose where to base your next Florida trip.

    The Best Things to Do in Orlando, Florida

    You can find many other things in Orlando that complement your Disney World or Universal Studios vacations. These include museums and outdoor adventures. They are also great! Let’s take a look at all the Orlando attractions.

    Orlando has been built around its amusement park, with most of the city’s businesses focusing on these parks. It’s almost like walking into a theme park. We love it that way! It’s hard to imagine anyone not wanting to escape to a fantasy world for a few days.

    Florida, the United States theme park capital, deserves an entire article. You can find one right here. 

    Since we are familiar with most of Orlando’s attractions, we will only spend a little time there. But let’s consider what you can do at each one. Are you ready? Let’s go.

    Walt Disney World Resort

    It is the granddaddy among all theme parks. The ultimate family getaway, Walt Disney World Resort, includes four theme parks and two waterparks. It is possible to visit Orlando multiple times and only see some things. They keep adding and changing to ensure that people return to them repeatedly. Let’s take a look at them.

    Magic Kingdom

    The original Magic Kingdom is the Disney classic theme park. It was built around the fairytale castle (modeled after Neuschwanstein Schloss in Germany). Children love Space Mountain and the Haunted Mansion, while parents enjoy the excitement of Space Mountain. This is a classic Orlando attraction and a top choice for first-time visitors.

    Epcot Center

    Epcot Center allows you to explore the world without having to travel. America is known for its ability to keep people within its borders. You can Soarin’ Around the World with the IMAX simulator or build your car to test the track. Or, you can check out the Epcot classic attraction that takes visitors on a time-traveling journey.

    Disney’s Hollywood Studios

    We love visiting film studios, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios transformed from an MGM studio tour into a Hollywood setting that takes you through different worlds. Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge lets you experience all things Star Wars. To build your droid, you can use 3D motion simulators. Children will love the Pixar and Toy Story themes.

    Disney’s Animal Kingdom

    Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a celebration of the earth’s wildlife, plus some from Avatar’s Pandora. We have not been to Animal Kingdom because we dislike zoos or believe animals should be displayed for entertainment.

    We love sanctuaries more than we like theme parks. Since we travel and have seen most of these destinations, we would rather see the lions in the African savanna than in a park. Disney allows animals to roam free, which is a good thing.

    Even if you don’t travel a lot, you can still be transported from Everest Safaris to Kilimanjaro Safaris. Avatar Flight of Passage is the star attraction, which simulates a trip through Pandora.

    Typhoon Lagoon

    If you love water, Disney also has a water park! Typhoon Lagoon offers water slides, surf pools, beaches, and lazy rivers. Even if you cannot make it to Daytona, Miami Beach, or the Bahamas, you can still enjoy a beach vacation.

    Universal Orlando Resort

    Universal Orlando Resort is the next top thing to do in Orlando. With seven islands on Universal’s Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios, four hotels, and a waterpark, it is giving Walt Disney World Resort a tough time. Universal offers a variety of thrill rides, including fast rollercoasters as well as fun virtual reality rides.

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    Harry Potter and Diagon Alley

    We were able to attend the opening of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter & Diagon Alley. This was something we enjoyed even as adults. This is why I’m a Harry Potter fan.

    Universal’s rides cater to adults, with simulators and extreme roller coasters. This is what we love about Universal. After one ride, I felt so nauseous that I had to get off the ride while Dave rode on the roller coasters.

    Island Parks

    Other theme parks include Seuss Landing and The Lost Continent. All of them have rides that are based on their respective movie genres.

    Universal Orlando Resort combines a theme park and a working studio. You can also see Harry Potter’s escape from Gringott’s bank. Harry Potter is so beloved that he crossed two theme parks.

    City Walk

    Universal Resort is not only open to the public, but City Walk also offers many attractions that can be enjoyed outside the park. You can play mini golf, watch a movie, or grab a bite. You can take a walk and feel the energy.

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