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  • Best Platforms And Websites For Travel Planning

    It is always helpful to have a list of trusted travel resources that you can rely on when traveling a lot. Although I prefer to follow the flow than plan ahead when planning my next adventure, there is still a lot of research that must be done before and while on vacation.

    The Best Websites and Platforms for Travel Planning

    While scrolling through top travel tips lists, relevant booking websites, and travel resources can seem boring, you never know what valuable information or money-saving tips might be found. These travel resources can be used to book and plan great explorations, whether it’s booking the best flights, planning train or bus journeys, or finding tours that cover the more difficult to reach destinations.


    This post includes affiliate links to handpicked partners. These include booking sites, gear, and tours. A small commission may be earned if you click through to one of these sites or purchase something from them. This is at no additional cost to you and allows the site to continue to run. Amazon Associates allows me to earn from qualifying orders.

    Small Adventure Group Tours: Travel Resources

    Sometimes you just don’t want the company of others. Although I don’t usually travel with a group, it is a good option if you are travelling to a difficult destination or one that does not allow for independent travel by certain nationalities. If you’re looking to share the experience with others, this is also an option. Which tour should you choose?

    G Adventures – Tours that Have a Positive Social Impact

    G Adventures has been my travel partner since 2004, when I visited Asia. They also accompanied me on my Everest Base Camp trek. Their community spirit, use of local guides, and socially responsible travel practices such as animal welfare, giving back to the community and charities, are all things I love. I am now a G Adventures “Wanderer” – I encourage travelers to travel and make a difference in the lives of others by being a brand ambassador for their company. G Adventures reviews can be found in the following articles about destinations where I took their trip.

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