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  • Best Places to stay at when you visit to Bali

    Did you just start planning your first trip to Bali? Or this isn’t your first trip but you still want to see what’s the best that you can find? With all the beautiful beaches, monuments and other scenic beauties of all kind, your visit to Bali can still be a bad experience.


    Well, when you want to travel, it is important to know where, but what’s more important is to know where to stay. The place of stay can add a big deal to your travel experience. Be it good or be it bad, choosing the wrong hotel will make it worse.

    With 83% of the population being Hindu and 13% being Muslim, Bali is rich of its culture. And then every different area in Bali has a different vibe to offer to the tourists. That might bring in indecision about where to stay.

    Obviously, because there will be places where you can find a happening night life. On the other hand, you will find areas which appear sedated as soon as the clock hits night. The best thing is that all of this is so much fun and you can’t and shouldn’t afford to miss on any of it.

    But then at the end of the day, all of it comes down to where you are staying. For that reason, to help you find the best places to stay in Bali, we have done the research and come up with the list that follows.

    Best Places to stay in Bali

    As mentioned in the section above, Bali has a rich culture. This is why different areas have different attractions. Which means that you can pick a place depending on your interest for the activities which you can indulge in there.

    The list below will explain everything in an easy way. So, you can get to know about different places and what those have to offer.

    1. Ubud

    Rich with art, nature, culture, rice fields and highlands, Ubud is a paradise for every nature lover. Talking of what all it has to offer, there is a lot to look up to. Ubud is a place of natural scenic beauties.










    With a number of verdant river valleys, palaces and temples, Ubud attracts a huge lot of tourists every year. Also, there are a few five star restaurants that you can find in here. With some of the best body spa and other wellness programs, these retreats will always freshen you up.


    Apart from that, the place has a number of casual cafes, heritage museums and art galleries. All of that will keep you entertained and let you connect with the history of that place and around.

    You should go if you are looking for

    1. Green valleys
    2. Natural beauty
    3. Regional art
    4. Museums
    5. Temples
    6. A honeymoon visit

    You might be disappointed if you are looking for

    1. A happening nightlife
    2. Beaches
    3. Parties
    4. Huge roads to ride or drive
    5. A place without congestion in streets

    Overall, Ubud is a nice place to be at. If you are planning a honeymoon in Bali, Ubud is a place which you must visit. The beauty and the weather is just very suitable.

    2. Kuta

    One of the best and most populated beaches of the Bali is the Kuta beach. 10 minutes drive north for the airport, lots of water all around along with everything that one can need at an affordable price are all the factors that make Kuta a great place to stay at.











    Apart from the beach and the airport, this place has the largest waterpark of the whole Southeast Asia.

    Earlier Kuta used to be just a fishing village. Then in the recent years it started moving towards becoming a surfing mecca. On this beach now you can always find surfers, learn, practice and compete.

    All of it adds to the beauty of this place.

    You should go if you are looking for

    1. Low to medium budget beach vacation
    2. Surfing
    3. Water sports
    4. Clubbing, partying and an assorted dinner

    You might be disappointed if you are looking for

    1. Traffic free roads
    2. Trees, Nature and mountains
    3. A cool weather (Beaches are meant to be HOT!)

    Kuta is a great place to visit if you are looking for surfing, sporting and clubbing options. Also there will be traffic on roads and congestion in the area is pretty normal.

    3. Seminyak

    Seminyak is one of the upmarket Bali beaches. It’s an area where you can always find luxury five-star resorts, secluded villas, world-class beach clubs and hip sunset venues.













    The popular dining streets Jalan Laksmana and Kayu Aya have most of the restaurants that you can find in the area. Talking about this place, it’d be better to let your pockets be lose. The dining is expensive and so is the stay.

    Also it is one of the friendliest places around for Gay people. So, if that excites you, Seminyak can be an option for you to go to.

    You should go if you are looking for

    1. A moderately expensive beach side vacation in Bali
    2. Less crowded beaches
    3. Gay friendly beaches
    4. A good and sweet nightlife which is not hectic

    You might be disappointed if you are looking for

    1. A budget beach vacation
    2. Simple hotels or restaurants
    3. Less traffic jams
    4. Places where you don’t have to walk often

    Seminyak is a great place for spending time in Bali. With less crowded beaches, a chill nightlife with some of the best food options in Bali, it stands out everytime. Looking for a budget travel in Seminyak will hardly make much sense though.

    4. Legian beach

    Another beach on the list is the Legian beach. This one can be found, right between Kuta and Seminyak. This is the reason why Legian becomes a decent and desirable mix of both Seminyak and Kuta.












    For people who like beaches which are quieter than Kuta, getting a place to stay here is a great idea. The resorts are all as cool as they should be. And then the moment you step out of the resorts, you can find everything that you need.

    For young party goers, this place is paradise in Bali.

    You should go if you are looking for

    1. A great nightlife
    2. Beaches quieter than Kuta
    3. A moderate budget beach vacation
    4. Shopping options in Bali

    You might be disappointed if you are looking for

    1. Really cheap hotel fairs
    2. Less crowd around you
    3. Sorted ways: Streets in and around Legian are kind of twisted. Also, the traffic is mostly one way, so that can cause some inconvenience

    Considering everything, Legian is a great place to be at in Bali. With all the quiet beaches and pretty resorts, it becomes a considerable option for travellers from around the world. Clubbing scenes in the place attract all the young travellers and partygoers.

    5. Nusa Dua

    This is Bali’s most exclusive beachfront resort enclave. This is one place where you can hardly find anything below an International five star resort. Also, these are maintained by ITDC, which is a state owned corporation.

    Also apart from this enclave, the state owns the landscaped flower and water gardens and paved walking paths which are just outside the resorts.













    For those who are looking for nightlife, most of the nightlife at Nusa Dua is all about hotels and fancy dinings. One can also find refined bar places nearby. And when it’s about shopping, the central grand complex, known as Bali Collection is where you go to.

    You should go if you are looking for

    1. A classy family vacation or a honeymoon vacation
    2. Direct beachfront access
    3. A whole resort experience, not focusing much on exploring what’s outside the resorts

    You might be disappointed if you are looking for

    1. Exploration
    2. Cheaper rates
    3. Young and lit nightlife
    4. Parties

    Nusa Dua is a great place for those who are looking for a family vacation away from chaos. Looking for a nightlife experience with friends over booze is something you might not be able to find here.

    Even for a honeymoon, Nusa Dua is an amazing place to be at. The beauty of the place and around the roads can be seen, smelled and felt.

    Final words

    Bali is a great place to be at. And when it comes to visiting for a vacation, there is a lot that one can do. Whether you want to dwell into exploration or to run around from one beach to another or go for the water sports with your friends, you can do it all.

    Places like Nusa Dua are there to balance out the other lit parts of Bali. For those who are looking for secluded places to spend time with themselves or their families, Nusa Dua is the best deal.

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