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    Asper National Park, which covers 11,000 km (4,200 miles) of Canadian Rockies territory, is the largest national park. It boasts some amazing hikes for all levels. Jasper, Alberta, is a paradise for hikers. It boasts stunning lakes, impressive glaciers, and a variety of wildlife. Jasper is a great place to hike. Many walking and hiking routes can be found within a short distance of Jasper. Jasper National Park is ideal for day or multi-day hikes if time permits. 

    Most people visit Banff National Park when they visit Alberta. However, Jasper National Park is one that you will want to add to your bucket list. Let’s go on a hike through Jasper National Park.

    The Best Hikes in Jasper National Park

    To enter Jasper National Park, you must purchase a parking ticket. You will need a parking pass to enter Jasper National Park. It costs $10 per person, per day. This allows unlimited access to Canada’s national park from coast to coast for twelve months. Canada is opening slowly and may open its borders in August. However, safety and health measures could still be in effect, so we stayed at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge. This makes it a great base for hiking in Jasper. While this historic property is a must-see when visiting Jasper National Park, many other hotels and apartments are available.

    Jasper National Park can be reached by car in just 4 hours (365 km/ 226 mi) from Edmonton or 2 1/2 hours (288 km/ 330 mi) from Banff. View rates for car rental from Calgary or Edmonton.

    Jasper National Park offers plenty of camping. You can check with Parks Canada to confirm availability. Both front and backcountry camping is available.

    Best Jasper National Park Hikes

    Bald Hills

    The Bald Hills summit in Jasper offers spectacular views above the treeline. This trail is located in the Maligne Lake region. It follows a gravel road up to the top. The last kilometre to the lookout point will be muddy or snowy, so wear sturdy hiking boots and layers. You have two options to reach the summit. One is via a steep path that takes you directly to it, while the other follows Fire Road all to the top.

    Edith Cavell Meadows

    Jasper National Park’s Edith Cavell Meadows hike offers a moderately difficult hike. You’ll begin the trail on the Glacier trail, which is partially paved. You will follow the path to the viewing area overlooking Angel Glacier or Cavell Pond. The views get better along the path, so bring your camera. You’ll see stunning views of the mountains and glaciers as you hike along the trail. As the trail climbs, it crosses a rocky moraine and forest before reaching a meadow of wildflowers in season.

    Regular hikers often recommend hiking poles and frequent breaks to relieve tiredness. Keep plenty of water with you as there aren’t many places to buy anything. You should bring extra clothing to layer up in the cold temperatures at the top. This hike is great for a day. You don’t want to be disappointed if you miss road closures or other information before you set off.

    Toe of the Athabasca Glacier

    You might also consider hiking the Toe of Athabasca Glacier at the Columbia Icefields. This is a wonderful family-friendly hike, which is a great alternative to a costly guided tour. You will see signs along the trail that show how much the glacier has sunk over time. The hike begins at the Toe Of the Athabasca Glacier trailhead. Continue climbing uphill, and turn left when the path becomes a circle. You’ll need to continue going clockwise.

    You will find signs at different points on the hike that provide more information about the glacier. You will find sections of this hike that have been roped off to ensure your safety. The trail is littered with dangerous crevasses that are not easily visible.

    Valley Of The Five Lakes

    The Valley Of The Five Lakes hike takes you to five different alpine lakes, as the name implies. You will start at Icefields Road. The trail takes you through lush forests before reaching the Wabasso Creek Bridge. Most hikers travel this route clockwise, following the path to the five lakes. The hiking route has some uphills.

    This route is great because you can swim. So bring your bathing suit and take a quick dip in the water. Be aware that the water can be cold, so you should take precautions. It is hard to beat the sight of Jasper’s blue lakes and deep jade.

    Pyramid Lake Loop

    Pyramid Lake Loop is a great choice for the average hiker looking for a day of fun. This trail is moderately strenuous, and you can bring a picnic to enjoy the view before returning to your car.

    Many routes lead to the top of the mountain. You don’t need to worry if you get lost. It can be muddy at the top, so make sure you have good hiking skills. Boots and other gear. This route is dog-friendly, so bring your dog along.

    Athabasca Falls

    Athabasca Falls is a popular stop on the Icefields Parkway. The easy hike takes you along a paved path to several viewpoints overlooking the waterfalls. Athabasca Falls is a stunning waterfall set against mountains and forests. The views from this popular site are worth the effort.

    To capture some great photos, remember to bring your camera. One pathway leads you through narrow sections between two canyon walls with steps cut into the rock. You can view the Athabasca River from many vantage points along these pathways, as well as unique rock formations and caves. This place is best explored in the morning before most people arrive.

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