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  • Awesome Travel Blog Post Ideas

    Inspiring Travel Blog Post Ideas

    Recently, I’ve been experiencing a bit of writing block with regard to writing new blog posts. So, I thought about some ideas for blog posts about travel and decided to share them here with you!

    Perhaps these blog post ideas for travel will help you write your post.

    These ideas for travel blog posts are perfect for those times when you’re at home and don’t know what topic to write about for your blog about travel!

    Keep studying to learn more about how to get started with your blog using step-by-step directions.

    I would highly suggest Bluehost to set up and set up your blog. They provide WordPress web hosting for only $2.95 per month, which includes the domain name for free ($ 15 plus value) and free setup for your website.

    In addition, Bluehost makes it easy to use for those who are just beginning. In the future, you’ll be able to upgrade to a more powerful hosting service. I made use of Bluehost as my initial website because it’s affordable and simple.

    How to Start a Travel Blog

    Have you not started a travel blog? Here’s a step-by-step tutorial to help you get going!

    These are exactly the steps I followed to begin Wander Her Way. You can follow this step-by-step guide to get the travel website of your dreams up and running in under an hour!

    Pick the domain name

    The first step in creating a travel-related blog is choosing a name for it. The name you choose for your blog is the very first impression you make on the people who visit your blog; therefore, it’s essential to pick the right one!

    If you need assistance with choosing the perfect name for your website, make sure to follow my advice on what to do when you pick a name for your travel blog. I’ll also give you ideas to help you.

    Get hosting

    If you’ve decided on the name you want to use for your website, then you will be required to register it as well as find web hosting.

    If you purchase your domain name from an outside entity, it is possible to pay between $15 and $20 a year. If you sign up to host your website through Bluehost, you will be able to get your domain name at no cost.

    If you’re starting from scratch, I recommend Bluehost for hosting your website. They’re the company we, along with many other bloggers, are using to create new websites and blogs. They’re easy to use, offer some of the most affordable hosting plans, and have a reliable hosting service and good support for customers.

    Sure, there are more robust hosting companies that offer more customer-friendly service; however, if you’re beginning, it’s not worth the money. Bluehost is sufficient to start your journey in the world of travel blogs. When you are able to make some money, you could upgrade to a hosting provider such as BigScoots (where Wander Her Way is currently hosted).

    Bluehost has been kind enough to give users who read Wander Her Way 70% off their brand-new website hosting plan. For just $2.95 per month, you can receive WordPress hosting as well as a no-cost domain name!

    Input your domain name

    This is the place where you’ll type in the domain name you chose earlier.

    What if I’m still undecided on what name to use? If you’re still not deciding on the domain name you want to use for your travel-related blog, wait a few minutes, and this deal will appear on your blog’s page:

    Choose this option, and you can begin setting up your blog. Then, you can utilize the credit you received to purchase a domain name in the future.

    Choose your package and then pay

    This is where you’ll choose the hosting plan you want to use. It’s best to select the 36-month option. It’s a great price at $4.95 per month for the initial three years. To keep your cost as low as you can, it is possible to select the 12-month plan for only $2.95 each month.

    What are the extras included in your package? There is the option to add additional features like SiteLock or Yost Premium SEO. I don’t suggest any of these since there are no-cost WordPress plugins that you can install that perform the same function. This will be covered in the following portion of my guide.

    That’s not to suggest they aren’t needed; however, they aren’t important for a brand-new travel blogger in the early phases, so start saving your money immediately!

    Congrats, you’re done!

    When you’ve finished your payment to your account, you’ll be taken into your Bluehost dashboard. It will look similar to the image below. The dashboard is where you’ll be able to sign in on your first blog and begin making everything set up.

    WordPress will host your blog. WordPress platform. WordPress is an online platform for managing content or CMS. It’s where you’ll create your blog articles, upload your pictures, and create the design of your site.

    Bluehost is able to install WordPress automatically. All it takes will be to answer some simple questions before you can access your dashboard. Don’t worry; they’ll guide you through each step and assist you in naming your blog con, getting your domain, and establishing your WordPress site. It’s simple!

    Creating your blog

    Your blog will have your standard WordPress theme. You’ll definitely need to alter this, so you need to choose the music you want to use that you can use for your site!

    When it comes time to design your blog, there are a number of choices. These are the most popular: You can purchase and install a child theme that has been created.

    You could install a piece that you can customize.

    Buy A Premium Child Theme

    Child themes have been extensively customized by an artist as well as packaged in such a manner that they can be installed in your WordPress administrator panel. A child theme customized by a designer has color schemes, fonts, pictures, and content you can change to your personal. Other than changing the visual elements, you can begin blogging at the touch of one button.

    It’s important to mention that flashy designs can slow down your site. I wrote a full piece on my experience of switching the theme on my WordPress themes and the effect it had on Wander Her Way’s speed.

    If an intricate layout is essential to you, then a premium theme is a far better choice for someone who is just starting than a web developer and will help the blog stick out in the same way.

    Customize a Theme Yourself

    You can also customize your theme on your own. I would recommend creating and customizing a piece of your own, as it’s affordable, will ensure that your blog is performing well, and isn’t as difficult as you imagine.

    My favorite template to use is Kadence WordPress, which comes in two versions: a free and a premium version. The free version is plenty to start you off with a speedy and attractive blog, and that’s the only thing you require. What’s great is that Kadence, when used in conjunction with the Kadence Blocks extension (which I’ll go over in a moment), can eliminate the necessity to build pages.

    Before the advent of blocks and page builders, Page Builders could be the sole option to have beautiful-designed websites and blogs using WordPress without hiring an expert web designer. The drawback, as I’ve mentioned, is that Page Builders create a website that is weighty and slow.

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