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  • Avoid Drunker Driver On the Road

    Many countries have a legal law to arrest a drunk person when they drive a car. But they are still some person who drive when they are drunk which is very dangerous habit. Especially after the midnight 1 out of 10 driver on the road was drunk and have no sensibility. If the law can not force them to drive then we have to prepare and help yourself to avoid accident cause by drunker.

    If you see a car in front of you have one of the following action, it mean that you meet one of the drunker

    1. Have a large and unaccustomed turn

    2. A car was bestride the lane

    3. A car keep right and then left, changing between 2 side continuously

    4. Turn right or left suddenly

    5. A car stop suddenly

    6. Park or turn a car at forbid place

    7. A car increase a speed in short time

    8. A car do not open a front beam (At night)

    9. Almost crash the other car or scarpe other thing beside the road

    10. Drive without destination and direction

    11. Respond to traffic light or road sign very slow

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