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  • 9 Unique Hidden Places to Visit in Europe

    A famous travel destination to many, Europe has always been known for its beauty. Every year hundreds of thousands of tourists visit different parts of Europe for vacation. But do they all really come to explore?

    Well, Europe is so famous and so filled with mainstream attractions that tourists would not always care about exploring and finding new places. And then Europe is a huge place to visit, which again is a reason why some people might refrain from exploring. While if someone really gets down to exploring Europe, there are many unique and generally unseen places to see around.

    In this article we will share 9 such unique hidden places to visit in Europe. So, keep reading to know more.

    9 Unique Hidden Places to Visit in Europe

    As travel blogging and vlogging have revolutionized the idea of sharing travel information, finding out unexplored places to visit is a big deal now. No wonder the hidden places mentioned here might become really famous tomorrow. But before that happens, let’s enjoy as much as we can.

    1. Mdina & Zebbug, Malta

    Not everyone knows but Malta is the ninth smallest country in the world. It’s a beautiful place and has breathtaking landscapes to attract visitors. Apart from just landscapes Malta has a great coastline and a very rich medieval heritage.

    If you are a fan of historical monuments and architecture, Malta has a lot to offer. When there, you can visit places with the Baroque Architecture. Also, you can visit the historical palaces and cultural treasures there.

    2. Salzkammergut region, Austria

    One such hidden locations in Austria is Salzkammergut region. Filled with alpine lakes, it is a great potential tourist attraction. It’s also an outdoor adventure playground in both winter and summer.

    Apart from that, the area has stunning views which will make you want to come back again and again. Also, there is a mountain rail which will connect you to historic salt mines around the area. That is a great place to see.

    3. Asturias and Covadonga convent, Spain

    If you’ve ever been to Spain, you would have known about the general tourist attractions. Apart from just that, you might even have seen the places. But, did you know that in the middle of Spain’s north coast near the Bay of Biscay is this beautiful area called Asturias and Covadonga convent?

    Well, if you didn’t before, this is the time you explore it, because this place is worth the travel. The best thing is that the place is not as crowded as other places in Spain. You can’t see many people on the beach as well. Somebody who wants to not be around many people would sure love this place.

    4. Perast, Montenegro

    For all the beach enthusiasts who love to go deluxe when it comes to traveling, this place is paradise. The only bummer is that you don’t have to spend deluxe to go deluxe here. Poor Joke, I know.

    But spending normal and getting premium, isn’t it something anyone would love? Well, this place has a lot like this to offer. Also, near to this place are two great places to visit. One is the island of St. George and the other one is Adriatic’s only artificial island.

    5. Azores, Portugal

    Many might think that Portugal is not an unexplored place to travel to. True that Portugal and Algarve have started being popular and populated already, Azores has not. It’s a place which is yet to be found by many eyes.

    The Azores is an archipelago. It has nine volcanic islands in the 800 miles off the coast of Portugal. So, if you are planning to go to Azores, Portugal, then be prepared for breathtaking views, volcanoes, landscapes, crater lakes and waterfalls.

    6. Saaremaa Island, Estonia

    For all those who love Beer and would like to see some windmills, this island is for you. Wind energy is one important source of energy here. The home made Brew and these windmills are symbols of Saaremaa Island of Estonia.

    Also, apart from anything else, Saaremaa has Kali Craters. This is a lake which was formed 3,500 years ago as a result of several meteorites. Now, it is uniquely green in colour and can be found on the Saaremaa Island.

    7. Volos and Pelion Region

    Situated in Greece, it lies between Athens and Thessaloniki in the Pagasetic Gulf. The best that you can find here is a great nightlife, along with a number of historical architectural monuments and beautiful beaches along with the Mount Pelion.

    All of it combined makes Velos and Pelion Region the beautiful place that you must visit once when in Greece.

    8. Kamnik Alps, Slovenia

    Slovenia is a beautiful place to visit and Kamnik Alps make it more of an attraction. The beautiful Velika Planina uplands are just an hour away from the Ljubljana or the wooden huts of the oldest preserved herdsmen settlement in Europe.

    Apart from that the best thing about the place is that most of the times around the year, the place is celebrating some festival or the other. That’s because Slovenian region hosts around 60 festivals in just one season.

    9. Lednice-Valtice, Czech Republic

    Czech republic has been an ultra budget holiday destination for a long time now. And then when you talk of Prague, you could get a beer for as low as a 20 pences. How amazing does that sound?

    But is that all about the Czech Republic? Certainly not! Lednice-Valtice region in the Czech Republic is 200 Kms square on land and is the largest artificial geographical area. The name for the same is the Garden of Europe.

    Did anyone tell you about it? Well, chances for that are thin as most people don’t know. But now that you do, it’ll be a good idea to visit the place.

    Also apart from just the beautiful huge garden, the Lednice Castle is one of the major tourist attractions there. If you go, you must visit.

    Final words

    Europe is a dream destination for many travellers around the world. A house to 50 countries in total, with a countless number of places to visit and fun activities to indulge in, a holiday in Europe is simply as dreamy as it gets.

    But where the mainstream destinations and popular places are being visited, there are hidden gems in all parts of Europe. When the plan is to explore, you will come across several places like the 9 mentioned above. So, just get your bag, pack your stuff, grab some cash and hit the roads as a lot more than you can expect will be waiting for you in Europe.

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