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    There are many things I would like to know regarding traveling blogging, especially for newbies. I understood traveling blogging well but didn’t know as much about blogging in the travel-related niche.

    Here are 9 simple steps I believe you should learn about becoming an online travelerbefore you begin.

    The technical stuff is easy to eliminate; the mental issues are more challenging to overcome.

    Make sure to take lots of pictures while traveling

    Don’t be just an ordinary photographer. Seek out unique photo opportunities and also for easy photos such as signage, transportation, or someone carrying a backpack or consuming food. The images above could be used to fill every kind of post.

    When I wrote our budget-friendly travel to Africa post, I was angry with myself for not having taken pictures of the food and transportation options we had while traveling through Africa. I needed photos to show what I described in my article about how to travel to and from Africa.

    Keep a close eye on your Note taking and Journal Writing while traveling

    Hindsight is a fantastic thing. If I had foresight, I could have been more careful with my journal entries when traveling worldwide.

    I would often go for days without recording anything. After a while, I would be bored and think, what’s the point?

    Today, I struggle to recall particulars from some of my most memorable travel experiences. In the cases of those travel experiences, I keep a log of, they have assisted me greatly in creating the tale to write about on the blog. Traveling blog.

    Get your Permalink Structure right

    This is among my most enduring regrets in my travel blog and is my only technical suggestion. I created my permalink structure using a category/postname without considering the possibility that I’d have an intricate category structure on my site.

    What that means is that my URLs are incredibly long. And, even more importantly, I have a limited say in my categories. I can’t move them around if my blog changes since it could change the URLs for posts that have already been published. This is frustrating.

    Travel blogging will take up the majority of your time

    If you’re planning to make your travel blog, It’s not going to be an easy task. It’s going to take up lots of your time. I’m talking about every minute.

    Although I could write endlessly about the many pillars of success, I’ll limit myself by saying that you shouldn’t even think about blogging about travel in the absence of passion and be ready to dedicate long hours during the day and evening to making this work reach the top.

    No matter what your area of expertise or business is, 20% of people will enjoy 80 percent of the accomplishment. This is known as”the Pareto Principle. Why is this? The reason is that those in the 20% are ready to perform what the other 80 percent aren’t.

    Which side do you want to choose? Choose and then make a decision

    I am still amazed at how travel writers who state they’re not in it to make money and criticize those dishonest and selling out. If you’re not simply keeping track of your travels for your loved ones and family If so, then you’ve chosen an interest that will take over your time.

    Why should you put in the effort and time to accomplish it without wanting to be rewarded for it?

    We are hoping to earn some money through this travel blog. But we do this due to our passion, and we wish to encourage others. If we do not profit from this, we must stop, and I will cease helping others.

    Find a niche outside of yours to increase traffic

    Although I am happy to have many of my readers directly from the travel bloggers community, I am incredibly grateful to have many readers who aren’t. There are some limits to your growth if you only have readers who belong to the same niche as you.

    Bloggers who write about travel are often busy and do not have time to read and share everyone’s work, and they already have a good understanding of travel. We joined this industry to be in the top 20% of bloggers, Which means being creative in coming up with ways to draw in traffic from different areas.

    Be open to new story perspectives when you travel

    The idea for a story can originate from something somebody says, for example, my post that 80 percent of travelers are towards something. It can result from the thoughts you think of while walking in the woods, similar to my friends from the traveling road.

    Do not just focus on typical angles, like “Best places to visit when in Bangkok.” Explore new ideas. Do your best to stand out. Keep a detailed record of everything you encounter on your travels.

    Knowing how tiny details can make a blog post more interesting is impossible. Try to be more than just a source of information but also an inspiration source.

    People are drawn to being motivated – it’s the greatest need to take a move.

    Speed and SEO are crucial

    We’ve been experiencing significant issues with the speed of our website lately. We believed that changing the blog design would solve the case, but the problem only became more difficult. We’ve been tearing our hair trying to resolve the issue.

    A slow loading time for your website could derail the number of visitors you receive. Today, we live in a fast-paced society. People don’t have the time to wait for websites to open. They will be clicking away much quicker.

    To me, SEO is like removing my teeth one at a time. I hate writing about it and pondering about it. I love to motivate others to share information and also connect with people. That’s why we’ve always been big fans of social media as a part of marketing.

    We haven’t paid too much emphasis on SEO, but know now that we pay little for it. Google provides us with little affection, meaning there is not much new traffic and no cost via this website. We’re working to understand and improve this.

    Don’t hesitate to let Google assist us. I might even decide to become your new friend.

    We’ve invested a lot of time in SEO, and we get more than 350,000 monthly visits from Google and earn five figures per month in passive income from this. It’s a vital element of your business, especially in light of social media’s declining influence.

    Here are a few of the tools we utilize or have utilized which have helped us to excel.

    yTravel previously utilized the KeySearch Seo tool. We find it provides better results in a speedy and precise way.

    If you’re looking for the most advanced SEO, use SEMRush. It is the most efficient SEO tool that has produced excellent results, not only in improving our site’s performance but also improving our search engine visibility and ranking on keywords and aiding us in presenting ourselves to our customers when we offer our ROI to them. This indeed means an increase in work!

    A website that Google loves is dependent on many various aspects. Optimizing just your content isn’t enough. I recently completed a comprehensive site cleaning with this Blog Fixer software, saving more than 131 hours of work and removing more than 10,000 errors! These errors send wrong signals to Google, which causes it to ignore your website!

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