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  • 5 Best WordPress Themes for Travel Blogs

    The Best WordPress Themes for Travel Blogs

    This article is about the top WordPress themes for travel blog sites.

    Are you searching for the ideal WordPress design for your traveling blog?

    Below are the five top themes to ensure your website’s travel posts appear elegant and professional!

    Alongside Wander Her Way, I maintain a separate blog concerning blogging tricks. I’ve worked with a lot of bloggers to assist them in starting blogs they enjoy. One of the first things you have to take care of when you’re starting your blog is to select an appropriate WordPress theme that provides the overall layout and design of your site.

    For the next steps, be sure to check out this article: How to start a travel blog for beginners.

    I’m aware of everything about how challenging it is to select the best WordPress theme. This is the reason I created this list.

    The themes are mostly ones that I’ve personally used and tested. After that, I have narrowed it down to five pieces I believe will work best for travel writers.

    WordPress Themes for Travel Bloggers

    Each of these themes comes with the same requirements for travel bloggers, for example:

    Optimization for speed and SEO using the Genesis Framework.

    WooCommerce style (if you’re looking to start an online store for your website).

    Flexible options for customization.

    The detailed tutorials and documentation for themes.

    Personalized customer support.

    In addition, these themes are unique and have particulars that distinguish them from each other. I hope you can find one you love! You’ll need a self-hosted WordPress blog to be able to use any one of them. These themes will not be compatible in conjunction with, Blogger, etc.

    If you need assistance in setting up a self-hosted WordPress blog, check out my step-by-step guide on how to create an online travel journal and create your site in just a few minutes!

    This detailed guide will show you the steps to select the best website name that is appropriate for your blog about travel, How to create hosting on the web, what you should post about in your travel blog, WordPress plugins to install, and much more.

    Vivienne by 17th Avenue

    It’s the one that I am employing on Wander Her Way, and it is one of my absolute favorite themes! It’s a stunning and flexible WordPress theme by 17th Avenue Designs.

    The Vivienne theme has a simple minimalist four-column featured post section and a customizable and custom-designed homepage that includes a variety of widgets. These category pages are custom and have a category index (these are perfect for organizing blogs about travel!) and many more features.

    I’m certain that this is among the most effective WordPress themes for bloggers who travel. Particularly since travel blogging is so visually appealing, and this theme lets you highlight your photography.

    Pretty Travel by Pretty Darn Cute Design

    The list wouldn’t be complete without suggesting Pretty Travel, a WordPress theme by Pretty Darn Cute Design designed specifically with bloggers who love travel in mind!

    Here’s what Lindsey, the creator of Pretty Travel, says: “When I think of travel I’m thinking motion, and so little aspects of motion are integrated into the theme’s design. Beginning with the logo (editable file included with the theme) and the background of the subscription widget and the various hovering actions, your visitors will feel elements of movement as they browse your site.”

    The theme is very flexible and includes seven layout options and a variety of widget options, as well as the grid is fully widgetized.

    Anchored by Restored 316 Designs

    Anchored is an elegant modern and elegant theme developed by Restored316 Design. You can easily alter the color scheme to reflect your branding, as well as change the design of your blog using versatile widgets. Some other features of Anchored include automatic plugin installation, the styling of plugins (to provide your blog with a consistent style), a custom index of categories, and much more.

    I am awestruck by the fact that I really like this WordPress theme, and I believe it’s an excellent option for bloggers with a travel theme who are looking for a clean, contemporary, elegant, and sleek design for their blogs.

    Hello Beaches by Hello You Designs

    I have the Hello You Designs theme on my blogs, and I am a big fan! The pieces are stunning and have a myriad of incredible features and features.

    I am awestruck by this Hello Beaches theme because it is absolutely stunning and customizable in a variety of ways. If you’re looking to create a vacation blog that is as beautiful as an actual magazine, it is the one for you. This theme is ideal for blogs with lots of photos. You also have the option to feature a double photo on your blog that you won’t find often.

    Mia by 17th Avenue

    Another theme of 17th Avenue Designs is that it is perfect for travel-related bloggers. I like how simple and clean the pieces of 17th Avenue Designs are. This theme is ideal when you’re looking for a minimalist and feminine look on your travel-related blog.

    It includes a huge selection of widgets that can be customized to let you customize your blog’s look what you want it to. You can also download a pre-designed vacation blog demonstration you can download that makes the process super easy! Also, I really like the way this theme allows you to feature visually appealing content in your blogs.

    Did you find a theme that you like?

    To install your theme on WordPress, Make sure you follow these steps:

    Log into your WordPress dashboard.

    Navigate to Appearances > Themes.

    Simply click “Add New” at the top of the page.

    Select “Upload Theme” at the top of the page.

    You can upload your theme’s .zip template file.

    Read the manual included with your music for setting everything up!

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