Fairmont Hotels San Francisco: Spending The Night With History

Fairmont hotels San Francisco are steeped in history. If you are lucky enough to spend the night at the Fairmont San Francisco Hotel, you will be spending the night with history high atop famous Nob Hill. Sounds exciting?

The history of the Fairmont hotels San Francisco begins at the turn of the 20th century with a colorful Old West character named James Graham “Diamond Jim” Fair, one of San Francisco’s wealthiest citizens. Diamond Jim’s daughters, Tessie and Virginia Fair, built the Fairmont as a monument to and namesake of their father, who died in 1894.

Fairmont Hotels San Francisco: From Start To Finish

In 1902 the construction of the Fairmont hotels San Francisco began, but the Fair sisters dropped the project in 1906. At that time, they exchanged the hotel project for two office buildings owned by brothers Herbert and Hartland Law. When the exchange took place the exterior structure of the hotel was already completed, but the interior furnishings had not yet been placed and installed. So there was still a chance to make the exchange with minimal extra expense

Fairmont hotels San Francisco And The San Francisco Earthquake

A few days after the Law brothers acquired the Fairmont Hotel, the famous San Francisco earthquake struck. The structure incurred only minimal harm in the earthquake, and for awhile it looked like it would also survive the post-earthquake fires that engulfed the city, but 24 hours after the great quake, the Fairmont succumbed to the flames that had eaten their way up Nob Hill.

Fairmont hotels San Francisco Rebuilding Starts

The Law brothers were so convinced of the need for and potential of the Fairmont hotels San Francisco that they did not waste any time rebuilding the Fairmont Hotel from scratch. They hired Julia Morgan, the first woman to graduate from the prestigious Parisian Ecole des Beaux Arts, as their architect. This lady would later come to be known as one of America’s premiere female architects, but when the Law brothers hired her, she was virtually unknown.

Within one year the project was completed and the Law brothers held a grand banquet celebrating the reopening of the Fairmont Hotel. The banquet was a wine and seafood feast, complete with fireworks at nine o’clock that night. And with that grand banquet the Fairmont hotels San Francisco was re-born.

Tessie Fair Returns

The hotel thrived after the earthquake, becoming the temporary home of many of San Francisco’s elite society whose mansions had been destroyed in the great fire. In 1908, Diamond Jim’s daughter Tessie Fair, now Mrs. Tessie Oelrichs, returned to Nob Hill and purchased the Fairmont. Under her ownership, the hotel was host to several presidents and well known entertainers, such as President Teddy Roosevelt, President Howard Taft, and entertainer Rudolph Valentino.

Fairmont Hotels San Francisco Today

Over the years, the Fairmont hotels San Francisco has changed ownership many times. Fortunately, all subsequent owners realized the importance of the hotel’s history, and have maintained the style and prestige of the original Fairmont Hotel. And the history of this wonderful hotel in San Francisco lives on right down to today.

Discover The Ultimate Weekend Getaway: A Romantic Resort

There is no shortage of possibilities when it comes to romantic trips. You could treat yourself to a romantic stay at a Bed and Breakfast inn and enjoy a quaint and unique way to reconnect with your partner, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. For more excitement and romance, you could also go on a short cruise . There is no better way to spend countless hours with your significant other while enjoying the elegant and romantic setting the ocean. While all of these options are great for a romantic trip, booking time at a romantic resort beats them all.

Enjoy A Tailor Made Romantic Get Away

When you book a week, weekend, or even a honeymoon at a romantic resort, you can customize your travel experience to fit your unique tastes and desires. Most romantic resorts offer a wide array of exciting activities and entertainment options. Whether you enjoy outdoor activities or indoor pursuits, a romantic resort can meet, and exceed, all of your expectations.

Nature lovers are also in for a treat. Many romantic resort locations offer ample opportunities to enjoy nature. You could enjoy taking a romantic walk, para-sailing, skiing, surfing or sailing, playing golf, or just laying in the sun. All this and more is possible at a romantic resort. If indoor activities are more to your liking, you can find a resort that offers craft classes, wine tasting, art gallery tours, and even reading groups.

Expect Exquisite Dining At A Romantic Resort Offers

One of the best things about spending time at a resort is the opportunity for gourmet dining experiences. Many romantic resorts have respected and skilled chefs on staff and offer a deliciously incredible menu. Before you book at any resort, ask about special menu options and even in room food service. You will find that most resorts will outdo the gourmet offerings of the finest restaurants and hotels. Some resorts even offer gourmet cooking classes or opportunities for couples to take part in wine, cheese or pastry tasting parties.

A Romantic Resort: Romance On A Budget

While it seems strange to think about mundane things like money when you are planning a romantic getaway, reality has a way of creeping in to even out exotic and exciting plans. You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy a romantic getaway at a romantic resort. Just booking a trip to an all-inclusive resort tends to save money simply because all of your entertainment, lodging, dining, and activity expenses are condensed into one bill. You pay once and enjoy everything the resort has to offer.

You will be surprised at how much money you will save when you stay at an all-inclusive resort rather than booking a getaway ala carte. So take a moment to research a romantic resort and treat yourself and your significant other to the romantic weekend just for two.

Coastal Holiday Cottages: A Well-Kept Secret

Do you ever wish that you could just rent your own private coastal holiday cottage? Many only dream of renting a coastal holiday cottage, but that dream can easily become a reality.

Coastal beaches are not a well-kept secret. They are one the of most popular summer vacation destinations in the world. However, coastal holiday cottage rentals can easily be considered a well-kept secret. Many individuals and families do not even know they exist.

Coastal Holiday Cottages: Where Can You Find Them?

Throughout the world, including the United States and Europe, there are a number of popular vacation destinations that offer coastal holiday cottage rentals. If you are interested in renting a coastal holiday cottage, you may be wondering how a popular vacation destination can offer you privacy. The level of privacy you receive will all depend on where you choose to vacation.

In the United States and much of Europe, coastal holiday cottage rentals are located near a popular vacation destination. They do not have to be right in the middle of the excitement to be considered a popular vacation “hot spot.” You may find that a number of coastal cottage rentals are within a short drive or walking distance to many public facilities and activities. These activities may include, but are not limited to, swimming on a public beach, fishing, or sightseeing.

Coastal Holiday Cottages: Factors To Consider Before Renting

When selecting a location to rent a coastal cottage, there are a number of important factors that you may want to consider. One of those factors is the price of renting a cottage. In the Untied States and much of the world, cottage rentals are available up and down the coasts. Each of these locations are likely to charge different rental fees. You will find that in most areas pricing is competitive.

In addition to the cost of a coastal holiday cottage rental, you will also want to examine who owns the cottage. A large number of private landowners are beginning to notice the profits that they can receive from rentals. Other coastal cottage rentals are often owned by vacation resorts. When selecting a cottage rental, it is important to ensure that you doing business with a trustworthy company or individual.

Before booking a reservation, it’s wise to request pictures. These pictures should come from the specific cottage that you are interested in renting. Cottage pictures may be able to determine the exact cottage location, when compared to the coast. They may also enable you to determine which rooms and services can be found onsite. Determining whether or not the coastal holiday cottage has a kitchen, dining room, or laundry room is important, especially when preparing for your vacation.

What Activities Are Nearby?

In addition to coostal cottage conditions, you way want to consider researching nearby activities. These activities may be important if you don’t plan on spending your whole vacation at the cottage. In many popular summer vacation destinations, you should be able to find a large number of restaurants, theme parks, ocean boat tours, and guided fishing expeditions. The closer your coastal holiday cottage rental is to a popular summer vacation destination, the more access you will have to offsite activities, services, and facilities.

Once you have made the decision to rent a coastal holiday cottage and you have selected a destination, you should make your reservations as soon as possible. All around the world, coastal holiday cottage rentals are increasing in popularity. This popularity may make it difficult or impossible for you to obtain last minute cottage rentals. As with all other vacations, you are wise if you plan ahead.

Booking A Bed And Breakfast In Quebec City

There can be no doubt that Quebec is an absolutely beautiful place and a wonderful culture to explore. However, as a result of its ‘European-ness’ finding a bed and breakfast in Quebec city can feel like a hit or miss endeavor. Some of the bed and breakfast in Quebec city are simply idyllic, with gorgeous views, comfortable rooms and gracious hosts. Other Bed and Breakfasts, on the other hand, are more like nightmares than like a vacation. It’s possible to encounter hosts who should be the last person on earth to be in contact with people in the tourism industry.

Tips To Find A Good Bed and Breakfast in Quebec City

Some bed and breakfast in Quebec city offer their guests the absolute best of the best, from accommodation to a warm welcome. Some hosts even listen attentively to dietary restrictions that you have instead of stating that if you’re lactose-intolerant you should head to a restaurant for breakfast instead. In short, the best B&B’s treat you as house guests that they’ve never met before. Sometimes bed and breakfast in Quebec city fall into this category.

But there are other bed and breakfast in Quebec city that fall into the category of hostel-like accommodations at hotel-like prices. Anyone who’s spent some time in Europe will appreciate Quebec’s European flavor, but will not be happy with a host who seems like he was temporarily displaced from Paris. Tourists going to Quebec are looking for exotic flavors in their food and architecture, but most want to leave the snobbery until they embark on that long-awaited European tour.

You Have Got To Do Your Research

Thankfully, there is an abundance of websites who allow and encourage travelers to comment on their travel experiences upon returning home to normal life. On these websites, you will find restaurant, hotel, and even bed and breakfast in Quebec city reviews that will give you vital information such as prices and location. But they will also tell you if the host is going to be a welcoming tour guide or a surly house master. There are plenty of reviews online for bed and breakfast in Quebec city. The best way to be happy with your B&B choice, is to read many reviews before choosing your next accommodation.

It’s important to check prices and locations, but when you’re expecting to stay in a bed and breakfast in Quebec city, it’s also really important to get a feel for the hosts. In a hotel, you will rarely see the front desk clerk, but in a bed and breakfast in Quebec city you sometimes see the hosts more times than you planned for. Make sure that this is a pleasant experience by finding out who your hosts are online before booking a bed and breakfast in Quebec city.

If you do proper research and follow the steps outlined above, you are bound to find the perfect bed and breakfast in Quebec city. Your home away from home.

Alta Ski Resort Accommodation: A Great Place to Stay

Most skiers will agree that the Alta ski area is a great place. If you are into winter sports and good times, you should definitely check it out. The area us blessed with quite a few reputable resorts that you can choose to stay at, but the Alta Ski Resort accommodation is by far one of the very best. They are known for their deep powder and superb terrain and professional skiers and snowboarders from all over the world love to come here.

At Alta Ski Resort accommodation the staff takes skiing very seriously, and in fact they have two ski-in ski-out restaurants and a rental shop that you can check out. There is something for every level of skier, and even beginners can have a great time. You can even take the whole family and enjoy the slopes together no matter what the ability or expertise of each member.

Lots Of Things To Do

If you stay at the Alta Ski Resort accommodation you won’t ever be bored. There are so many things to do and so many ways to fill the time. For instance heritage, culture, the old west, dinosaur, performing arts, museums, events, amusement, sports teams, and even spa resorts and retreats. The museums are particularly popular and there are selected museums that focus on Utah’s history and arts venues.

But that’s not all. There is also the Alpine Art Center for one, which was master minded by two Utah sculptors, and this facility is much more than just a museum. They offer visitors the unique opportunity to see metal cast art works in process and there is even an outdoor sculpture park that surrounds the entire art center and which is a thrill for the entire family to check out.

Get Help At The Visitor Center

Another of the most favorable features of the Alta Ski Resort accommodation is the visitor center which even offers photo and video tours. There is really excitement in every season in Utah, and on these tours you can check out fantastic locations such as Monument Valley, National Parks, Ogdn, Price, Provo, Salt Lake City, St. George, Zion National Park, Moab, Logan, Lake Powell, Kanab, Cedar City, Arches National Park, and Capitol Reef National Park.

The Alta Ski Resort accommodation is truly fabulous. The only way to understand just how great it is, is to visit it for yourself. You will find everything that you could possibly need and all for a price you can afford. If you plan to visit the Utah area, make sure to stay at one of the best resorts. The Alta Ski Resort accommodation is at the top of the list.